In the US, eight in 10 adults over the age of 65 believe they’ll always live in their current home. In fact, almost 90% of them want to keep living in their abode for as long as they could. However, it isn’t always safe for them to do so, especially not if they have health issues.

As a loving family member, you’d want to respect your elderly loved one’s wish to age in place. However, taking care of them on your own can eat up a lot of your personal time.

A professional caregiver can be your and your loved one’s saving grace in such cases. We rounded up the top benefits of hiring a trustworthy caregiver below, so be sure to read on.

1. Retain Independence

One of the chief goals of home care for independent living is to help enable elderly adults to age in place. You can, after all, hire a professional caregiver to be with your elderly loved one 24 hours a day.

The caregiver will assist your elderly family member with their daily living activities. These often include preparing nutritious meals and helping with house chores. Your loved one’s caregiver can also assist with personal care and oral hygiene.

With a dependable, round-the-clock assistant, your loved one won’t have to move out of their home. They can keep living in their current residence and stay as independent as possible. You also get to keep your independence since you’ll have someone help you take care of your loved one.

2. Constant Supervision for Your Loved One

With an in-house caregiver, your loved one will receive constant but non-intrusive supervision. The caregiver will provide gentle medication reminders and can also help refill prescriptions. If your loved one likes to cook, their caregiver will take over the riskier parts of the task, such as the use of a knife.

Most importantly, the caregiver will be there to assist your less mobile loved one at all times. They will literally lend a shoulder and extend a helping hand to help your loved one move around safely. This is especially crucial if there are stairs or steps in your elderly family member’s home.

Keep in mind that falls are the leading cause of injuries and fatalities among older people. Every year, more than a quarter of the senior population suffers from a fall. A caregiver can help prevent your loved one from becoming part of the statistics.

3. Reduce Your Loved One’s Risk of Becoming Isolated

Older adults who live alone are at risk of isolation. The risks are higher among those whose health doesn’t permit them to go outdoors. Their decreased mobility can force them to stay cooped up indoors.

It’s no wonder then that an estimated seven million US adults over 65 develop depression. This population group also accounts for a considerable portion of suicide deaths.

A warm and compassionate senior caregiver’s companionship alone can help minimize such risks. Moreover, the caregiver can encourage your loved one to move about more and to enjoy the outdoors. Studies found that spending time outdoors can help improve the health of the elderly.

4. Helps Minimize Stress In Family Members

With professional caregiving services, you can rest easy as you know your loved one is in good hands. You won’t have to keep worrying about your elderly family member’s safety or security. This can then help relieve some of your stress, so your overall health also benefits.

Hire the Best Professional Caregiver Your Loved One Deserves

As you can see, hiring a professional caregiver can benefit you and your loved one. You get to have more time for yourself without worrying about your loved one’s condition. Your elderly family member, in turn, can remain independent and safely age in place.

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