For some lucky women, being pregnant doesn’t come along with too many unpleasant side effects. But for many women, as they go through their pregnancy, they’re met with one discomfort after another. 

If this later example sounds like you, you’re likely searching high and low for some relief from these symptoms. So to help you in finding something that will work for you, here are three tips for dealing with aches and pains during pregnancy. 

Try To Exercise Regularly

While getting up and exercising might be the last thing you want to be doing when you’re pregnant, moving your body can actually be really great for both you and your baby.

According to Dr. Trina Pagano, a contributor to, exercising while you’re pregnant can help to keep you from gaining too much weight, can help to strengthen the muscles you need to support your growing body, and can keep your muscles and joints loose so that you don’t experience as much stiffness or cramping. So although it might not be fun when you’re doing it, exercising during your pregnancy can be very helpful for relieving some of the aches and pains that come along with working out. 

Use Safe Medicine Or Supplements

When you’re pregnant, you have to be very careful about what medicines or supplements you put in your body. Certain things could react negatively or even harm you and your unborn child, so you always need to double-check with your doctor to ensure that what you’re taking is safe.

As for dealing with aches and pains medicinally, Madeline R. Vann, a contributor to, shares that taking Tylenol is usually the strongest medicine you’ll want to take when pregnant, unless instructed from your doctor otherwise. And even with supplements or natural remedies, you’ll want to get approval first to ensure that everything is safe. 

Invest In Gear To Keep Your Comfortable

With everything that’s taking place in your body when you’re pregnant, you might need to use some gear that you’d never even thought about before in order to stay comfortable and fight off aches and pains.

According to the staff at the Mayo Clinic, some of the gear you may want to invest in could include a maternity support belt, shoes with good arch support, and a pregnancy pillow. All of these things will help your body get the support it needs in order to keep everything in proper alignment and avoid letting fatigue set in that can often cause those aches and pains. 

If you’re presently dealing with pregnancy aches and pains, or if you’re trying to stay ahead of the game for a future pregnancy, consider using the tips mentioned above to help keep your body as comfortable as possible during these nine months.