A personal injury claim is a way of making sure a person receives the compensation they are entitled to after sustaining an injury, while the person at fault has to pay up. While many different types of accidents justify a personal injury claim, here are five of the most common.  

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1: A Car Accident 

Car accidents are extremely common, with around three-million people becoming injured in one every year in the US. With how common collisions are, it makes sense that they make up a large number of personal injury claims. Often, there is one person at fault for the accident, whether that is down to drinking, being on their phone, or not reading signs. When this happens, the other victim can file a claim. The damages paid vary greatly – the worse the injuries are, the more the person at fault will have to pay up. 

Road collisions are no joke, and while victims of a crash should focus on getting better, it is also vital to file a claim if necessary. Here’s the best Law Firm to Personal Injury Trial Attorneys in Tx for guidance if you ever find yourself in a car accident. 

2: A Dog Attack 

Dogs are generally friendly pets, but dog attacks do happen, and their bites can cause injury and infection. There are 4.7 million dog bites per year in the United States, and the owners of these dogs are responsible for the injury. If a person has been bit by a dog, they should file a claim against the owner, especially if they have medical bills and have to take time off work. 

3: Slipping/Falling 

Slipping and falling can happen for a variety of reasons. Whether a person breaks their wrist, leg, or pelvis, if the reason they fell was the fault of someone else, then they are entitled to compensation. The worse the injury, the higher the damages are, which makes sense, as the injured person would need to cover all their medical bills and time off work. 

An example in this situation would be a person slipping over a wet patch in a store and breaking their wrist. The argument here would be that the store should have put up a sign indicating the wet floor, and by not doing so, this counts as negligence. 

4: Medical Malpractice 

Medical malpractice covers a range of medical accidents, from prescribing the wrong medication to misdiagnosis. When a person sustains an illness or injury from this, they can then file a personal injury claim in order to receive the compensation they deserve. Medical malpractice happens every day in many healthcare facilities, so if you ever suspect you have been treated badly and suffered because of it, consider looking into whether you have been failed by your healthcare providers. 

5: Wrongful Death 

One of the saddest reasons to file a personal injury claim is wrongful death. Usually, a close family member, such as a spouse, will file this claim for the deceased. It happens when another person is at fault for their death in situations like road accidents. While the entitled compensation doesn’t bring the person back, it helps families pay for the funeral and other expenses.