Decorating your home to host your guests is a great idea. But do you know what’s even better? – Styling up the dining table for them. A well-styled dining table always creates a lasting impression on your visitors. And if you are inviting some special guests for the much-awaited luncheon/dinner, you need to think out of the box to make your dining table setting look aesthetically appealing yet authentic. 

We have got you covered. Setting your dining table is not a chore anymore. Listed below are some of the most elegant styling tips to style up your dining table for your guests. 

Choose a theme: 

You can create a theme for your dining table setting and add decorative items suiting the same. These days, the Bohemian or Boho theme is very much in fashion. To justify the said theme, ditch the idea of placing table mats on the dining table and use Paper Doilies instead. These paper crafting supplies go well with a majority of dining table settings. Adding them will make your table setting look dreamy, hence perfect for your cherished guests. 

Add a fruit bowl: 

A fruit bowl is a must-have thing on your dining table. A bowl filled with fruits is a simple way to add some extra personality to a plain dining table setting and look more fashionable. Use a wooden fruit bowl. Place all your colorful fresh fruits into the same. This setting appears minimalistic yet enchanting. 

Place a centered vase: 

Flowers on the dining table are always a great idea. You can buy a centered vase, especially for your dining table, and decorate it. It is a great idea to observe if your guests have a penchant for plants or flowers. You can use this vase to insert indoor table plants or flowers, whatever is available to you. Ensure to spray water on the flowers/plants now and then to maintain their freshness. The vase you buy should perfectly match the upholstery and interior of your dining room. 

Put a tray: 

You can style up your dining table using a chic tray. This idea also helps you keep things closer at hand. You can place a fancy tray on the table and then put all the decorative items on the same. The bundled decoration looks gorgeous. Plus, it also makes things easier when you want to clean your dining table. Remove the tray and then clean your table. You can also use this tray to put salt and pepper shakers along with the décor items. 

Candles are never out of fashion: 

Call it a cliché, but a candle-light dinner never goes out of fashion. Hence, why not add a romantic element to your dining table setting by putting candles on? You can buy beautiful-looking candles from the online and offline platforms along with a classy candle-stand. Place these candles in the center of the table. Light them up as your guests get seated. Relish the delicious food together in this aesthetic setting. 

Get nice crockery: 

The crockery that you choose for your guests can become the star of your dining table setting. Hence, it is always advisable to choose good-looking crockery and tableware. Do not waste your money buying cheap-quality crockery. Look for something exquisite and good in quality. Ensure that the tableware matches the theme, if any. 


While working on these tips, make sure that your dining table is clean and clutter-free. Dust out the tables and chairs using a microfiber cloth, and then start with setting your table with these easy styling ideas. You can also use these tips for an everyday dining table setting.