Are you busy preparing for the arrival of your newborn?

While strollers and car seats may be your main priority, sometimes you need flexibility when transporting your child. In these instances, you need a baby carrier. 

These items come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be hard to select. Read on as we give our essential guide on the types of baby carriers.

Woven Wraps

Woven, stretchy wraps are one of the best baby carriers if you want to feel secure. They are extremely long and have a number of methods in which you can swaddle the child and attach them to your body. This also makes them great for newborns. 

The only downside is that they do take some getting used to. Wrapping them around you can be very intricate. The length of the wraps can also prove troublesome, as the wrap can often trail on the ground as you try to attach it. 

Ring Sling

Ring slings are another fabric-based carrier. They have two rings, one at each end, which the fabric slips through. They produce an adjustable pouch that can hold the baby. 

They are useful as you can move them to hold the baby at the front or the side. They can also fold away very easily and are easy to attach. You can discover more about them here. 

Asian Style Cross Wrap

This type of wrap originated in South East Asia and is similar to a woven wrap. It has a panel in the front and four ties. It has a simple tying mechanism in which the bottom part goes around your waist and the others go over your shoulders, forming a cross shape at the back. 

If you are wondering what kind of baby carrier is best for the feeling of security, this is probably one of the top choices. You feel snug and flush to the baby, whatever their or your size and shape. 

Soft Carrier

Soft carriers are more like a backpack than a wrap. They have padded, soft structured straps around them with clips and adjustable fasteners to hold the carrier in place. They have a pouch for the baby to rest in and can usually be used to face the baby frontwards or back. 

Buckle carriers are not generally recommended for newborns and should be used for children four months and up. However, from this age soft carriers offer one of the safest positions for your child to sit. The high knees and supported thighs promote natural hip development

Back Carriers

Back carriers are reinforced, framed carriers that sit like a backpack. They allow children to stay in the sitting position. They are great for carrying toddlers for long periods of time but should only be used for children who can already sit up unassisted. 

Carriers for Nursing Moms

Keep in mind that if you are breastfeeding, you will need a nursing baby carrier that can accommodate your needs. There are several types that allow you to feed your baby while providing support.

Choosing the Right Types of Baby Carriers

Now you know the types of baby carriers, try them out! Ask friends who have children or see who may use them at local baby groups. Ask to try them out and see which you prefer before choosing the best baby carrier for you. 

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