Why do we always advocate fixing your home appliances on your own? What is it about DIY repairs that is making so much noise on the internet and other forums alike? Is it the ease of convenience, or is it their pocket-friendly nature that people don’t seem to get enough on it? 

Can we ever backup our prophecy with logic, or are we just romancing around emphasizing the urge to go for DIY repairs?

Here are five solid points which will help you defog your mind on the matter.

1. Pocket Friendly

This is a no-brainer. Buying a spare part is cheaper because we have the liberty of evaluating our choices and pushing for discounts. This way, we will be using a double-edged sword to counter repair costs. On one front, we will be cutting the enormous cost of repairs that professionals impose on us, and Secondly, we will fetch spares at a cheaper rate compared to sourcing via repairman. 

2. Ease of Convenience

One might think that one could get their appliances fixed without having to move an inch by calling a repair service. After all, who would want to beat around the bush with their devices? However, the reality is the exact opposite of what one may think. 

You would have gone about fixing minor glitches yourself by the time you would browse through the yellow pages and book repair service. 

These fixes save you hours of downtime while waiting for the repair guy to come over and also save collateral damage. For instance, there is food worth $300 in your refrigerator, and it has confronted a glitch; the repair guy would at least take 12 hours to drop by (on average). This way, we would risk the chance of our food being perished. 

Hence, it is good to fiddle around with your devices at times.  

3. Liberty of Sourcing Cheaper Spares

One of the major demerits of booking a repair service is that you don’t have the liberty of going for compatible spare. Compatible spares are cheap substitutes of genuine spare parts manufactured by companies specializing in spares of various branded appliances. Booking a repair guy curbs your chances of sourcing a more affordable spare. 

The sourcing of genuine spares will add to your cost and lengthen the time of your service because they aren’t always available at one’s disposal. Your tradesperson may have to contact the manufacturer of your appliance and then order the spare, which might even take up to a week. 

4. Sense of Accomplishment

Well, this is elusive and primarily psychological. Not something that you could measure up. However, you cannot neglect the role of self-belief on the quality of your life. If you fix your appliances by yourself, you will bask in the sun of glory. 

Every time your appliance runs smoothly without hiccups, you will feel a sense of belongingness that it is working perfectly because of you. 

5. Technical Know-how

The more you delve into your appliances, the more understanding you get about their functioning and design. This way, you will be able to assess the magnitude of the glitch and figure out whether getting a new appliance is a feasible option or not. Also, the more profound knowledge about your machine will help you in upkeeping them and save a lot of money in the long run. 

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