Living rooms are the focal point of a home. It is where memories are made. It is where the kids play. It is the place for family, friends, and guests to feel welcomed and a part of community. But what if your living room is dark, drab, or dreary? 

A simple clean up and removal of clutter can bring a big boost to the feel of your living room. This may involve removing the pile of papers that never seems to go away on the entry hutch. Or it could mean reducing the knick knacks, heirlooms, and miss-match art. It could also involve having an organizer and storage bins for the toys for children or grandkids, so the toys have a place to be put away when not in use.  And then, of course, there is furniture. Less heavy furniture, and the use of lighter colors, along with newer designs, may make a big difference in the feel of your living room. They say, makes sure no more than 35% of your living room floor is covered with furniture like sofas and coffee tables.

But one of the best decisions to make involves your living room window. Take a long hard look at it. Does it look dated? Is it too small? Can you feel a draft? Often, homes built in the 2nd half of the 1900s, which is most suburban homes today, have older, uninsulated metal frame windows. Likely, the seals can be cracked, or even worse, there could be condensation inside the panes. You’ll want to make sure that you have proper rubber gaskets for windows to ensure safety and protection from the elements. Regardless of these issues, your living room could receive a transformation, just by replacing that one window: often the largest, and most visible window in the house.

Here are 5 impressive window replacement ideas that could totally change your living room:

1. Install a Bay Window

Bay windows are an impressive functional design that bumps out your window into a 3-D shape. It involves three fixed or opening windows that are joined together at an angle. The benefit is added window surface area outside your home, leading to both more space and more natural light. The most common window to create a bay window is the living room window. This will wow your guests and family members and provide a well-lit focal point in your living room.

2. Install Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

With some adjustments to the framing and jamb by a replacement window installer, you can have a full floor to ceiling window that brings the outside in. It is and impressive way to create a welcoming space, that feels seamless with the outdoors. You may need to see if your local building codes require tempered glass for this type of window. But your window installer can help you with that.

3. Install Thick Frame Windows

These contemporary style windows use a thin face, with a thick built-in vinyl frame to create a modern look, that matches even with the oldest of homes. By having a thick frame, the seams are extra well insulated, creating an energy-efficient window solution for your living room, while adding a design through the enhanced frame look. Bring a new change to your living room with this window style offered through many local replacement window companies.

4. Install an Aluminum Clad | Wood Window

By having aluminum on the exterior frame face, and wood on the interior frame face, aluminum clad wood windows offer the weather resistance of aluminum, with the warm and solid feel and look of wood on the inside. If your home is older or uses wood framed windows in other locations of the house, this window replacement option will retain that look, but bring a large upgrade to your living room.

5.  Install a Tilt and Turn Window

To make a statement that wows your guests, and is multi-functional for your everyday living, consider installing a tilt-and-turn window in your living room. This European designed window system is unique in that each operable window not only turns in or out but can tilt vertically as well. It can open in multiple ways. This allows for full cross-ventilation, added security (by preventing intruders from reaching through the low opening), (1) along with easier access to cleaning, and imply a fun and unique living room function that will give your family enjoyment for decades to come.

After cleaning up and organizing your living room, there is no better investment to make than replacing your old living room window with a beautiful, modern masterpiece that brings light in, and creates long-lasting enjoyment of your home’s most cherished room, the living room.

About the Author

Mike Cutler is a commentator on modern home design and DIY home improvement projects for energy efficiency. He is especially passionate about ways to turn a house into a home. LinkedIn Facebook