Even meat lovers agree – we need to cut back on animal consumption. As concerns over climate and the healthiness of meat-heavy diets rise, so has an interest in vegetarianism and veganism. As it has, a market has grown around plant-based meal options.

Recent times have made meal kits more popular. So we aren’t surprised to see the rise of the vegetarian and vegan meal kit. In today’s post, we’ll break down the options that stand out the most to us.

What are Vegan & Vegetarian Meal Kits?

In recent years, a new way of cooking has emerged. Starting in 2007/2008, the first meal kits allowed Swedish consumers to skip the supermarket and embrace new recipes. Initial success led to the rise of Hello Fresh (2011) and Blue Apron (2012).

These large food box services focused on the mainstream, offering popular dishes. But, as with any market, niche products soon launched to serve those with specialized interests. Of all the subcategories, vegetarians and vegans are some of the biggest markets.

So, in 2021, it’s no surprise that the vegan and vegetarian meal kit markets are thriving. In short, these food boxes provide everything needed to make amazing, plant-based dishes. Other than that, the customer experience is similar to other meal kit services. You subscribe to the service, and every week, they send a box to your door.

The Vegetarian Meal Kit Takes the Fuss Out of Plant-Based Meal Prep

In most ways, the vegan meal kit solves the same problems as conventional meal kits. Rather than go on a wild goose chase for ingredients, your box contains everything you need to make delicious, nutritious plant-based meals at home. Also, it provides week-to-week variety that’ll break you out of any cooking ruts you find yourself in.

But there are also unique concerns that the vegan/vegetarian meal kit solves. First, plant-based eating is more complex than simply eating a bunch of veggies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you don’t carefully plan meals that balance flavor with nutrition, you risk nutritional deficits and regressing to old behaviours. 

The vegan meal kit solves this problem. For example, if you look at vegan meal kit plans in Canada, you’ll find plant-based menus far more tantalizing than the lame, sad vegan hot dogs you currently eat five nights a week.

Second, unless you live in a big city, tracking down exotic plant-based ingredients can be tough. If your local grocery store has a disappointing selection of vegan/vegetarian foods, getting a vegetarian meal kit solves this issue.

Which Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Kit Options are the Best?

With more people cooking at home, the vegetarian/vegan meal kit market is expanding. Below, we’ll profile five of the best vegetarian meal kit companies in the USA. Bon appetit!  

1) Purple Carrot

Not long after Blue Apron started gaining steam, Andrew Levitt saw an opportunity. Just like every other facet of American society, mainstream meal kits treated vegetarians and vegans like an afterthought.

So in 2014, Andrew founded Purple Carrot, one of the first meal kit services to cater exclusively to vegetarians & vegans. On this site, you’ll find meal plans that address the biggest pain point of vegetarian cuisine – flavour.

In addition to that, there are menu options that cater to busy people, those with gluten sensitivities, and athletes (high protein dishes). Not sure how to make engaging vegan breakfasts? This company covers this meal and offers snacks as well.

Meal kits start from $9.99 per serving and ship free-of-charge to any address in the Lower 48.

2) Sunbasket

Not all veggies are created equal. Many supermarket plants are teeming with pesticides and other nasty industrial agriculture byproducts. Ever since society woke up to this reality, organic fruits and vegetables have offered a healthier alternative.

Many vegetarian/vegan meal kit services strive to use organic produce but don’t guarantee it. Sunbasket does, as they’ve staked their claim to being the top organic meal kit on the market.

But they don’t stop there. Sunbasket caters to just about every dietary regime out there. From paleo to carb-conscious diets, they cover them all. Like the Purple Carrot, they also offer breakfast, lunch, and fast meal plans.

Ready to order? The cost of Sun Basket plans start from $11 per serving – after your first kit, they charge $8 for shipping anywhere in America. Note: Sunbasket isn’t strictly vegan/vegetarian, so ensure the plan you use is plant-based before ordering.   

3) Veestro

Meal kit companies rely on executive chefs to curate their menus like a DJ. For some, this works well, as they’d rather have someone else do the choosing. However, others are uncomfortable with the lack of control over their food.

Veestro restores a measure of control to the consumer. Unlike the average vegetarian meal kit, this company offers a la carte selections. So, while you don’t have full autonomy, you can still build your own meals from a substantial menu.

Sound like a vegan meal kit company you can get behind? Get started from $9.90 per serving – shipping is free and available anywhere in the lower 48.

4) Sakara

Want to eat the best vegetarian/vegan cuisine you’ve ever tasted? If you got extra room in your budget, give Sakara a shot. First of all, the food in these boxes is top-quality – Sakara has spared no expense sourcing the best quality ingredients. Secondly, these dishes arrive ready-to-eat – forget about slaving over your stove.

Sensitive to gluten? No worries – all food in Sakara boxes is 100% gluten-free. On top of that, all meals are dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and GMO-free.

Sakara isn’t cheap – you’ll pay at least $24 per serving, with some meals topping $80 a plate. But if you’re looking to spoil yourself while staying plant-based, this option is the best of the bunch.   

5) Trifecta Nutrition

Vegans are the strictest eaters in the plant-eating hierarchy. No animal products can pass between their lips. So, if you want to eat well as a vegan, Trifecta Nutrition is the best option we’ve found.

This vegan meal kit contains produce that’s 100% organic and has macronutrients listed for each option. If you’re trying to lose weight or train for an athletic event, this meal kit option is best. Meals start at around $10.50 per serving, and they deliver throughout the United States. 

Eat Plant-Based Food That’s Actually Awesome

It’s never been easier to get started on a plant-based diet. If you’re clueless about meal prep, the vegetarian meal kit options in this guide will do the hard work for you. All you have to do is cook, eat, and enjoy.