Music is an important part of our family, as both of our kids play instruments. I was raised on classical music and I loved learning about music and composers. I was excited to hear about a new series called “Little Stories of Great Composers” from book publisher The Secret Mountain. This series combines books with audio to bring to life stories of great composers, including Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Vivaldi.

“That’s My Piano, Sir!” is a story geared for ages 7-9, and is based on the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Being one of my favorite composers, I was excited to explore Mozart’s life with my daughter.

Travel through time following a charming little mouse called Minim who loves cheese and music. One day, he witnesses the arrival of a dapper, young Mozart and his family as they set foot on a dock one late, cold night. He is no ordinary boy, sporting a white wig and dressed in red velvet, on his way to playing several concerts in the city. To the surprise of all, he begins to play with his sister for the tired customs officer and gloomy dockworkers. The evening air comes to life, and soon, everyone’s faces are beaming, their ears ringing with music!” (

The author, Ana Gerhard, studied as a concert pianist at the Mexican National Conservatory, has taught piano, and has other works that introduce children to music. “That’s My Piano, Sir!” is such a creative way for kids to learn about Mozart’s life and music.

The illustrations by Marie Lafrance bring the story to life, and we enjoyed the images as we read or listened to the story.

“That’s My Piano, Sir!” guides readers through time with a little mouse named Minim. Minim loves cheese, of course, and also music, and meets with great composers in these books. The book comes with a CD to listen to, or you can use a code to listen online.

I loved listening to the pieces chosen for this book. I recognized these works by Mozart, as I played cello for many years and studied classical music. The book uses music and narration seamlessly to tell a story. It was wonderful to hear great pieces by Mozart showcased, including his famous “The Little Night Music” (“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”), which is a must-listen part of his repertoire!

You can watch an animated version of the book here:

Check out “That’s My Piano, Sir!” at The Secret Mountain.