How you choose to start your morning can have a certain impact on the rest of your day. Even the slightest hiccup in your morning has the power to ruin your entire day, which is why it’s so important to always try and start your morning right. However, this is easier said than done, especially when all you want to do is hit the snooze button, or maybe your productivity levels don’t start until midday.

You don’t have to be a morning person who is leaping out of bed in order to start your morning off right; it just takes a little more conscious effort and perhaps some tweaking to the routine! 

Here are some top tips you can try to improve your morning starts. 

Set Your Alarm a Little Earlier

You don’t have to avoid the snooze button altogether, but if you are a fan of snoozing, then set your alarm ten minutes earlier so that your snooze time is included and doesn’t affect you running late or oversleeping. 

If you can manage it, try not to snooze at all, as this can actually result in you feeling a lot groggier if you drift back into sleep and have to wake up again. Instead, turn your alarm off and give yourself a few moments in bed to come around. 

Prepare as Much as Possible the Night Before

Mornings can be infinitely less stressful if you do whatever you can ahead of time. Waking up knowing that everything is ready to go will help you to feel more relaxed and avoid rushing around. 

So if you have a bag to pack, outfit to choose, clothes to iron, or lunch to prepare, try to do everything before you hit the hay so you can have an easier morning. 

Do a Workout After You’ve Woken Up

Getting a workout done before you leave the house is a great way to feel refreshed and energized for the day. Not only that, but it will help you to feel more at ease throughout the day, knowing that your daily workout is already done and dusted. 

A great morning workout can be yoga, as it’s easy going and helps to stretch out your body after a night of sleep. It can also help to calm the mind and body before the day begins, so this can be a preferable exercise if you’re not looking for heavy cardio first thing. 

You can get high-quality and dependable yoga mats from brands like Manduka, which can make your yoga experience more enjoyable. 

Drink a Glass of Water

Staying hydrated throughout the day is key, but starting your day with a glass of water will start you off on the right foot. A glass of water will help to kickstart your body and have you feeling refreshed. 

Listen to Something Motivational

Whether it’s an inspiring podcast while you’re driving to work, your favorite song while you’re taking a shower, or anything you enjoy listening to while eating your breakfast, this can have a key effect on your positive mindset. 

Try these ideas and see how your morning improves!