The pandemic has totally changed our lives when it comes to washing. However, in some ways, we are still a busy family that is looking for good options when it comes to doing things on the go.

I had never heard of soap on the go until I learned about Soap in Seconds. This soap comes with everything you need in a can, and acts like regular soap, but without the water.

We are frequently active, going to things like sports practices and games, and we enjoy camping and hiking, so Soap in Seconds is perfect for our family.

My kids like to explore and be hands-on in nature, so what do you do when there is nothing to wash your hands with?

Especially now with the pandemic, there aren’t always facilities available to use, and we have struggled to find an alternative. Plus, I find that things like alcohol and other sanitizers are harsh on my hands, whereas this product is gentle, and not drying.

Soap in Seconds is very easy to use. You simply squirt some foam in your hand and rub your hands together. The soap dries and leaves behind a pleasant scent. There is no need to rinse your hands.

When we go camping, there are limited facilities and it is nice to have resources at the campsite. We set up a base camp with as many amenities as possible, but there is no running water. This is perfect for our camping trips, allowing us to clean up when we need, without having to hike to the campground restrooms.

Coolidge State Park, Plymouth, VT

We also enjoy hiking on a regular basis. We try to be prepared for after the hike, with things like snacks, a change of shoes, etc. However, it is so hard to wash up after a hike. Soap in Seconds is a great way to be prepared for all those times we don’t have access to bathrooms or running water.

Pikes Falls Vermont

Soap in Seconds is a great product for so many uses. It gives you the freedom to be able to wash your hands wherever, and whenever you need. There are hundreds of washings in each can, so you can get plenty of hand cleanings out of each one.

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