Sprucing up your home is a great way to revamp and change the overall mood and look of one or several rooms without changing the entire theme or decorative style. There are so many ways that you can easily and quickly revamp your entire room with small touches that are possible to do within a strict budget. From personal touches to living plants to newfound art, there are no bounds to the many ways to update your home by yourself. 

These are some of the best and smartest ways to revamp your home to give it a new look every season.

Include Living Plants in Your Home

It’s amazing how much the addition of living plants can change a room or entire home into your living space. Plants not only add interest and colour, but they clean the air in the rooms where they are kept. Reports show that adding living plants to your home isn’t just a great design decision, but they have been shown to improve the folks’ mood and outlook that keep them. 

Start small but bold with this décor change, especially if you have never had a plant to care for and are unsure where to start. Nurseries are great places to find plants of all sizes that will indicate clearly what type of environment-specific plants are meant to be kept in. Choose a plant that will add height or has long leaves and can be hung for vertical impact, a flowering plant for colour and interest, or a plant that has interesting foliage and makes a statement. 

Create Space With Mirrors

Decorators will tell you that one of the best ways to create space in a room without actually adding any is by adding mirrors. Mirrors create the illusion of continued space in even the smallest living spaces and are a great, easy way to revamp the entire look of your home. Mirrors come in every shape and style too, so it won’t be hard to find the perfect piece to match your existing décor or even bring the look of your room up a notch. 

Design a Personalised Canvas

Personalising the look of your living room or bedroom is easy to do with all the design and art sites that exist. Create and design a family name canvas with the help of one of these companies in order to bring a little bit of your heritage into your home. The front entryway, the family room, or the master bedroom are all great places for a piece that proudly displays who you are. 

Create a Photo Gallery Wall

Adding art and photos to your home is a great way to revamp an entire room’s look and feel and showcase some personality. The best gallery walls are based on a theme, from family to nature to pop culture; the options are really limitless. Think about any collection of items that you own or would like to own and proudly display. These items can be combined to put together a gallery wall that will immediately grab the attention of anyone you invite into your home. 

Repurpose Outdated Furniture

Instead of going out to purchase new furniture for a room, take a look at the outdated pieces you might already own and repurpose them. Banged up dressers can become display cabinets, an old headboard can be remade into a hall bench. Your imagination, and handy skills, are key in seeing new ways to use pieces that would otherwise collect dust in the garage. 

A Fresh Coat of Paint or A Wallpaper

Colour is a great way to revamp the look of a room entirely, and it is easy as painting or applying wallpaper. If you don’t want to change an entire room, try a focal wall or removable wallpaper. There are some incredible designs out there that make great temporary or long term choices and might even spark more creative design ideas. s

Swap Out Lighting and Fixtures

Most homeowners ignore their ceilings, but no matter what room you are interested in updating, the lighting and fixtures should be considered. Beautiful hanging light options can elevate the feel of a room and light it up in a way you didn’t realise was possible. Recessed lighting is also an easy way to dramatically change the feel of a room where you want to minimise a light fixture’s impact. 

Bring in a Pop of Color

It never hurts to have a single bold piece in a room, and most of the time, when it feels like the room is missing something, it’s a pop of colour. Bring a bold, bright or rich colour in a single piece of furniture or décor piece that will complement the rest of your furnishings. Make sure this is a piece you love on its own, in addition to being a great addition of colour.