When trying to balance a thousand things in life, it can be hard to give our full attention to saving the world, no matter how much we want to give it our all. So, instead of beating ourselves up about it, why not take more of a flexible attitude to the subject? That way, we are doing the best we can and are still making a certain difference. 

Enjoy A Staycation

Everybody loves a vacation. Whether it’s a weekend away with the ladies or a city break with the spouse, holidays are always exciting. So, they certainly aren’t things that we want to give up! But, sadly, vacations can be really bad for the environment. From the plastic straw in the cocktail to the flight’s CO2 emissions, traveling the world may have a bigger environmental impact than we think. 

So, how about having a staycation instead? As an example, you can bring Vegas to your home, get the girls around, and make your own game-filled evening. You can even use sites like Bonusfinder.com Betmgm to find bonuses, slots, and live games, and enjoy Sin City from your living room. Or spend a weekend with your partner doing a wine-tasting tour, enjoying the finest vino from across the globe, all whilst sitting in your garden enjoying the sunshine! Whatever you do, having a stay-cay is a flexible way to think of yourself whilst still helping the world. 

Get Thrifty

Thrift stores can sometimes get a bad rep. Yet, shopping in them is actually a great way to help the environment. It takes a lot of material and energy to create new products, so, when you buy second-hand, that need simply doesn’t exist. Of course, you don’t have to go to a thrift store for every single thing you buy but even just getting clothes second hand will have a really positive impact on the world. 

There is also a really exciting side to shopping this way. And that is that sometimes, you have no idea about the amazing bargain you are picking up. As things like Mentalfloss.com thriftstore articles tell us, people have made thousands on items they paid less than a dollar for. What’s more, is that items in charity shops will only be sold if the quality is good enough. This means you don’t have to sacrifice quality or fashion to help the environment in this way. 

Cut Down on Meat

Becoming vegan or vegetarian is one of the best things a person can do for the environment because of the amount of water it takes to feed livestock and the CO2 that they produce. However, when dealing with fussy eaters, lack of options, or even lack of time, it isn’t always feasible to drop everything and become vegan overnight. 

This is where the idea of being flexitarian comes in. It refers to a person that, although eats less meat, still hasn’t cut it out completely from their lives. Fortunately, ideas on boards like Pintrest.com flexitarian help us to discover flexible meal recipes for every palate. Doing this is a great way to slowly reduce meat consumption whilst still helping the environment.  

Being flexible with the way you vacation, shop, and eat will have a much bigger impact than otherwise. Sometimes, making a small difference can make all the difference.