A common misconception that most people have is that brushing and using a mouthwash is sufficient for their dental health. It could not be further from the truth. The fact is that at-home dental hygiene is just not enough for optimal dental hygiene and health. This is why preventive family dental care in Penrith is crucial. An important part of preventive dental care is professional cleanings. We all need to schedule an appointment for professional cleanings to take care of our teeth and gums. 

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What Is Preventive Care?

To better understand the importance of professional cleanings in preventive dental care, it is vital to understand what preventive care is. It relies on regular dental visits which help keep your teeth and gums in excellent condition by detecting problems early on. This helps ensure that problems are dealt with in advance. According to My Dentist San Francisco, by routinely seeing your dentist for exams and cleanings, you can prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath among other things. 

The following are included in preventive dental care.

  • Professional Cleanings 
  • Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Dental Cavity Detection and Digital X-Rays
  • Examinations
  • Deep Cleanings
  • And More

What Are Professional Cleanings?

Professional cleanings are an integral to preventive dental care. They help ensure that your teeth do not accumulate plaque. Professional cleanings are the most common procedure. The following reasons will help you realize just how important professional cleanings are.

1. Thorough Cleaning

One of the main reasons why professional cleanings are so important is because they thoroughly clean your teeth. Since your mouthwash, floss, and toothbrush can just do so much, you require professional cleanings to actually receive the best results. 

Although you might think that the toothbrush bristles and floss do a great job when it comes to cleaning trapped food particles and bacteria, regular cleaning is nothing compared to professional cleanings. There are some spaces between the teeth that are impossible for the toothbrush bristles and floss to reach. This is why you require professional cleanings to reach these spaces. With a professional cleaning, all the plaque would be removed from your teeth. It does not get better than this.  

2. Help You Achieve a Beautiful Smile

If you want to get that perfectly beautiful smile, you cannot rely on mouthwash, brushing, and flossing. Instead, your only option is professional cleanings. Even the most expensive over the counter products do not help you achieve a beautiful smile. On the other hand, professional cleanings are effective when it comes to removing plaque and bringing your teeth to life. 

Another great thing about professional cleanings is that you do not have to worry about tooth sensitivity which is common when you use over the counter products. This should be reason enough to undergo a thorough professional cleaning.

3. Combats Gum Disease

The tissues around your teeth are impacted by gum disease. This results in bad breath and bone loss if left untreated. As the gums start to weaken, the disease only spreads further. If you fail to get the gums treated, you would only end up losing your precious teeth. This is why professional cleanings are important as they help combat gum disease.

As gum disease is a serious disease, you need to deal with it early on. This is where professional cleanings come in handy. They help reverse the effects of professional cleanings and treat the underlying issue before it spreads and worsens. It is easy for gum disease to spread without you realizing. When you receive a professional cleaning, the dentist would be able to identify the disease.

4. Maintains Oral Health

If you do not get professional cleanings often, your oral health would likely suffer. Through the cleaning, the dentist would be able to ensure that your oral health is maintained. Cleanings are an important aspect of preventive dental care as they work to identify health problems so that your oral health is maintained. Besides, the dentist would provide you with useful insights on taking care of your teeth and gums during the treatment.  

5. Cavity Prevention

Finally, professional cleanings are essential for prevention of cavities. As plaque is the number one cause of cavities. Professional cleanings eliminate plaque build-up and clean the furthest parts of the teeth that you would be unable to reach on your own. Since plaque accumulates quickly, professional cleanings are very important. If you need a recommendation, you can get your teeth grinded by the dentist in Chesapeake.


Now that you know about the importance of professional cleanings in preventive dental care, you should never skip out on professional cleanings. Make sure to regularly receive professional cleanings. It will help ensure that you have the most beautiful set of teeth.