Spirituality is a hard concept to pin down. This is mainly because it’s different for everyone. For some, spirituality refers strictly to religion. For others, it simply encompasses the human soul in general. Whatever you believe, your spiritual well-being (your ability to find fulfillment in life) is important to concentrate on. If you’re looking for guidance in this regard, here are three ways to improve your spiritual well-being.

1. Try Using Cannabis

This method may seem daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with cannabis, but it can be highly effective. Cannabis (which is a category of three different plants that have psychoactive effects on users) is mainly known as marijuana. While most people have different reactions to it, the drug generally causes increases in relaxation, happiness, and creativity. The altered state it creates is excellent for heightening your spiritual practices. In fact, cannabis has been historically used in many cultures for this very reason. Since the drug reacts in different ways with most users, you may want to look into cannabis culture and the various kinds available from all over the world.

2. Take a Trip

Other than providing an excellent opportunity to take great pictures, trips can give you a spiritual experience. Staying in the same place for your whole life tends to cause stagnation, which may affect your spiritual well-being. Branching out might be the key to discovering how you can find meaning. Think of a place you could go that holds great importance to you. If you’re religious, this might be an area with some kind of religious significance. For instance, someone who practices Islam would likely be highly affected by visiting the Kaaba. A trip can also be spiritually effective for non-religious individuals. If you’re in an area that takes you away from the stresses of daily life, you have a better ability to reflect on yourself. Go somewhere relaxing and give yourself some personal time.

3. Attempt Meditation

Meditation is hard for many people to complete. It requires separating yourself from your standard mindset. However, working on your meditation skills may be worth it in the long run. After all, a practice that’s long been used by so many cultures and religions is bound to have some benefits. Do some research to find the best practice for you. One that’s well-known and popular is mantra meditation. This is your classic “om” practice, which involves using sound repetition to promote a clear head. You may also want to try focused meditation (which asks you to focus on one sense) or spiritual meditation (which involves finding a strong connection with the universe). Whatever meditation practice you choose, be sure that you have a quiet and private place to complete it in. You may also want to darken the lights and play some soft music. 

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever feel completely content in terms of your spirituality. Everyone has room to grow in this regard. While this may seem disheartening, working on your spiritual well-being shouldn’t be done to reach a finish line. Have patience and give yourself the attention you deserve.