Home security is key for the protection of yourself and your family. Whether you are home often or not, making sure your home is secure from intruders and safe from damage will increase your protection. 

If you feel your home is lacking certain safety features or needs some security installed, to improve your exterior structure or reduce the risk of invasion; here are some tips to improve your home’s exterior security.

Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is a job many homeowners leave until the very last minute. But, regular checks of your roof or immediate repair after damage will maximize the exterior of your home. It will make it safer and also increase the property value.

Let’s say you have a flat roof, these aren’t always secure or safe for colder months. They can hold snow, which can become heavy and cause cracking or worse. So ensuring your roof is functional and reliable is crucial. If you ever have damage occur due to a storm or extreme conditions, you can use repair teams such as  MN Roofing Company to restore your roof back to excellent condition.

Gate Security   

If you already have gates or fences around your home, you are one step in the right direction. If you do not have these features, you might want to consider installing them. 

Metal gates are more difficult to scale than solid wood alternatives and their open structure means they don’t provide cover for an intruder. Check that the hinges, bolt, and padlock are secured on the garden side. And, if possible, install two different locks on a gate. Make sure everything is in good condition, as damaged panels could allow thieves to scope out the area and even gain access. 

Exterior Lights

A well-lit home will warn off potential intruders and make it look like someone is home. Exterior lights that light up the garden, driveway, and front porch will reduce the chance that an intruder will enter your property. Ideally, you’ll place outdoor lights in key areas close to where you’ll be moving or operating at night.

Lights will also make your CCTV clearer, which will double up and make your home more secure. 

Window Locks

Adding locks to your windows may cause more trouble when you open and close your windows, but it will increase security. Double locks will make it difficult, or hopefully impossible, for an intruder to break in. Here are some lock types for different windows in the home: 

  • Laminated glass or security film is recommended for the ground floor and accessible windows.
  • Sash stops prevent anyone from opening the sash window enough to climb through.
  • Key-operated locks are recommended for window types that open out, rather than up, and any ground floor or accessible windows.

Similar to window locks, you should add locks to your doors and anything external that can be opened. It will reduce the chance that your home is easy to enter.