If you have ever thought of a career in healthcare, now would be the time to make these thoughts a reality. Never has it been easier to either upgrade a nursing qualification or start a new career in nursing, and never has there been so many jobs available in the sector as there are now.

As the nation’s largest healthcare profession, nursing is one of those feel-good careers where hard work will yield genuine job satisfaction. Looking after those who need specific care and attention is a great way to feel that you are making a difference and, in fact, also an excellent way to make a sustainable income. Nursing has additionally been proven to be a career that is well suited to those who require some flexibility or want to re-enter the job market after a break from the world of work. This speaks directly to all those moms out there who are thinking of what to do to get back into work.

The Facts and Stats of Nursing Now

Nursing and healthcare are looking like a great career move because there is a current shortage of nurses in the US, with this expected to continue into the foreseeable future. The current level of retirements means that 1.1 million nurses will be required in the next two years alone. This is a statistic that is on the increase, and as more people live longer, the boom in the nursing profession is not expected to slow down in the near future. Get in on the ground floor and enjoy the ride. 

Nursing is a profession that is needed and used in most, if not all, medical procedures and processes, from dentistry to cosmetic surgery, pediatrics to senior care; all have specialist nurses who started off as a general nurse. Nurses provide most of America’s patient care as well as being the predominant profession involved in long-term care. At some point all of us will have encountered and dealt with a nurse.

Most nurses enter the profession through a 4-year degree; however, it has proven increasingly relevant for selection to these courses or for work experience options to have some form of healthcare or practical experience as well.

Practical Skills and Experience

Do not overlook the time spent in a care role in the home, this experience is and must be considered as you look at the nursing or healthcare sector as a career move. It will allow you entry into the sector in the way of possible care jobs and volunteer possibilities at care homes and elderly communities. 

Should you have any experience in the healthcare field or in caring, now would be the time to look at refresher training or retraining to make the most of the aforementioned demand and your skills and experience. 

Juggle Everything and do it Online

The primary excuse for not starting a new career or getting back into work is the fact that there is no time. Regardless of whether you are currently juggling childcare and family life, there are courses available online and through distance learning where you will be able to complete qualifications sooner and easier than you thought was possible. Many schools and colleges have also realized the demand in the sector, and completing an innovative accelerated nursing program online is a good way to get into healthcare.

There are so many options out there, and one must choose very carefully to ensure that the course decided upon will achieve what you are looking for. Suppose you are looking to hone or perfect a particular skill. In that case, you could look to specialize, focusing on a skill-specific course such as emergency/ambulance-based care, or choose a more formal degree route that could lead to a managerial role.

Keep your options open and remember an initial course or degree can lead to further study, and who knows, you may be able to specialize in an area that you enjoy and are good in.

Building a Career is Important for Personal Growth

Many people take time out from a career or study to build a family and create a loving, nourishing home. The skills gained in this regard are transferrable to a large extent and suit the healthcare and nursing fields. With current technology and open access, it is possible to retrain while still working on family and running a home. No one has to take time out, study while you run the home, and prepare for a career when and if the opportunity presents itself.

The process of starting something, building a career is important for all of us and creates a sense of purpose. Being able to plan and look ahead as an individual, separate from the family or your role in the family, is vital for building a better you. There is no time like the present to begin a new career, and if you have the knack for care, then perhaps healthcare and nursing may be for you. It has long been overshadowed by the other medical professions, but the realization that a doctor is not as holistically efficient without professional nursing staff has created an industry-wide awareness of the importance of nursing. Nurses generally deal with the family, do some form of patient health training, and do the ongoing monitoring of health in many settings. Nursing covers a wide range of requirements, and as these become more central to patient care, there is further evidence of the resurgence of nursing.

As nursing presents itself as one of the top ‘in demand’ jobs in the US currently, it is worth thoroughly examining whether this could be the career move for you. The current demand is expected to last into the next decade, and as such, it could be a long-term means of futureproofing your career. The nursing profession has seen its way through COVID and looks to have come out stronger for it. It is a resilient profession that has and will continue to form the backbone of the entire medical and healthcare professions.

As a start, do the required research and make 2021 the year that you do something for yourself – start a career in healthcare.