Many of you must have wondered about eyelash extensions at some point and time. Those who are a part of make industry know it in detail. This is a beauty treatment that can change your look a great deal. This article would be a small guide about eyelashes, their types, and application procedure. So those who want to understand these in detail must take this piece of information seriously. Eyelash extensions in Chicago are a popular service offered by many salons. Extensions can add length, thickness, and new curl to your lashes. The process starts with a lash technician carefully clipping off the base of each lash, then using a special glue to attach extensions to the lash base.


Lash extensions

These are semi-permanent fibers. During a beauty treatment, these are attached to natural eyelashes. This makes eyelashes look longer and darker. Individual extensions are applied to natural eyelashes. Now you might wonder how it would stick. Semi-permanent glue is used to join the fiber with natural eyelashes. The bonding material comes in several varieties and different parlors use a different variety. Several materials are used to make extensions. These are synthetic, mink, silk fibers, faux mink, etc. Studios like to walk an extra mile to provide customized solutions for the users. They offer a variety of extension lengths, curling patterns, tints to lure customers.

Types of Extensions

There are three types of extensions prevalent in the market. These are mink, silk, and synthetic. Most studios have their preference of the type and they use a particular type. They in fact would not even ask the customer. Generally, those who do not consume non-vegetarian food or carry any allergy from cats avoid mink type. So if you are one of those then keep in mind to avoid the mink category of eyelashes. The durability of extensions is still debatable. Even comparing the types based on durability does not give a clear winner. But mink and silk lashes tend to stay for longer and give a more natural look in comparison to synthetic eyelashes. However synthetic eyelashes have their own merits. These are thicker and darker. Thus these tend to give a bolder look while makeup.

Application Procedure

It is carefully applied as the eye is an important organ of the human body. Generally, it is applied one at a time. The total number might range between (70 to 110) per eye. A semi-permanent glue is used which is not going to create any irritation or damage to the eyes. Every studio follows a procedure to complete this process. The procedure includes the following steps.


This is the first step that a studio goes into. It is also their responsibility. Before actually applying the eyelashes they go through the risks and benefits of applying for the extensions. They would also ask about the conditions of the eyes. Is there any treatment going on? They would ask you to remove your contact lens if you are wearing it. 

Length, material, and curl

Any studio would ask you what kind of look you are planning to have. Based on your response they are going to decide the length and the curl required. If you want a glamorous look then length and curl would be bolder. In contrary to that if you ask for a natural look then they would prefer medium lengths. Some may ask which material you would like to have and some may not. You should understand the fact that all applied extensions is not of the same length. Thicker and longer units are used for the outer eye portion and thinner and shorter ones are used for the inner portion of the eye.

Now everything is sorted. You have communicated your needs and most of the things are finalized. Now the real procedure would begin. 

Eye area cleansing

You need to lie down in a comfortable position and your studio artist would remove any kind of oil content, applying makeup, or germs from the area. If you arrive without any make then your procedure would take lesser time and would reduce the work of your studio artist.

Taping & gel application

You need to remain your eyes closed for the duration of the procedure. It takes 1 – 2 hours. So for this period, you need to be patient. Then the artist would apply under eye gel to the lower eyelashes. This would control the movement of lower lashes and give a striking contract for working. Then a medical-grade tap will come into play. On the place where the gel is removed tap is applied which should not touch eyelashes.

Real application

Now the makeup artist would use tweezers. Tweezers is an apparatus to hold lash extensions. The extensions would be dipped in the glue and applied to the individual natural lash. The application procedure is not painful but you would wary as tweezers would be so close to your eyes. It is a time-consuming and tedious procedure. It requires a high level of accuracy and precision for a good look. Multiple or single extensions can be applied for one natural eyelash.


Now, the next process is drying. The glue is a semi-permanent solution and it dries fairly quickly. But for proper connection artist would advise sitting for 15 minutes once the application part is completed. Some studios use fans and dryers to speed up the process of drying. For this entire process, your eyes remain closed.

Tape removal

Once the procedure is completed and the artist sees that eyelash extensions have dried up, the artist will start working on tape. Artist would remove the under-eye gel and the tape applied during the procedure. The artist would ensure that your skin or eyes would not get hurt during the removal of tapes. If you feel the pain, then inform your artist immediately. After the tapes and gel is successfully removed the artist would ask you to open your eyes slowly. When you slowly open your eyes and get hold of your vision then you would see the change in your looks.

I hope by the end of this article you must have got a clear understanding of lash extensions. The treatment is time-consuming but enhances the look. If you are planning to go for extensions then the above information would be very useful for you.