Living in a household with both small children and pets may be very challenging for parents. You have to spend a lot of time with them all in order to prevent anyone from feeling sad and abandoned. Considering this, parenting is a really demanding job, and sometimes it is hard to find time for yourself. 

Fortunately, there are many gifts that you can give your friends and family members if they are in such a situation. Provided that you do it right, your gift can make their lives easier and benefit the whole family, including its four-legged members. 

But what are the best gift ideas for households with both pets and babies? To help you make a well-informed choice, we prepared this guide that contains a few perfect gift ideas for households with pets and babies. Check it out!

Wooden Toys

Most children have the habit of leaving their toys all around the house, and that is perfectly fine given their young age. However, it is not only a matter of making a mess, but in some cases, it may be harmful to dogs and cats

Toys that are made from plastic can easily break into small and sharp pieces, and every dog owner knows that it is impossible to pay attention to what your pet puts in its mouth all the time. Considering this, leaving plastic toys on the floor can be very dangerous for your dog, as he may start to chew on the toy and start choking. 

Because of that, you should go for wooden toys instead! They are much safer for both kids and pets. On top of that, you can go for sustainable, eco toys, such as the ones that are sold by 100 Toys. They are made from non-toxic materials that should not cause harm even if a pet happens to chew on it or eat it.

iFetch and iDig

Every dog needs playtime and with small children, it can sometimes be pretty to live up to its expectations. Luckily, some interactive toys will allow your dog to play by itself. That way, you will not have to feel guilty about spending time with someone else or by yourself.

iFetch is a battery-powered ball launcher that your dog can use without your help. Once powered up, you can select a distance that suits your space, and show your pet how to use it. When the ball is put inside, it is launched on a distance you previously set. The only thing your dog needs to do is put it inside once it fetches it. After it learns how to do that, it can start playing fetch whenever it wants. 

iDig is a toy made by the same company, and it is an excellent game for dogs who love digging. You can load the flaps with toys and treats and leave them for your pet to dig out. It is just like hunting for treasure, and provides hours of mental stimulation and fun!


In a nutshell, the Thermomix is a blender that cooks and stirs your food at many adjustable temperatures and speeds. It is one of the best kitchen appliances that you can buy and an irreplaceable tool for every person that is swamped with house chores. 

With Thermomix, you can prepare all kinds of food without wasting much time. It does almost everything for you, including chopping, blending, grinding, and making puree.

Every parent will be thrilled with how fast they can make dinner for the whole family, including pets, as many pet owners prefer making food for their pets instead of buying it.

iRobot Vacuum

Any parent and pet owner can tell you that vacuuming on a regular basis is a must. Dogs in particular can leave so much dog hair on the floor that it might appear like you are going to drown in it if you do not vacuum for a week or two. 

That is where iRobot comes in! iRobot can vacuum the floor without any assistance, and it can be set up to start at the most convenient time. It will keep the floors clean so that children will not end up crawling on the floor that is covered with dust and filth. 

Additionally, it will automatically adjust to all flooring types, so you do not have to worry about scratched wooden floors. Built-in sensors enable iRobot to navigate around obstacles, under furniture, and along walls, while avoiding stairs and other drop-offs.

The Bottom Line

All things listed above will make a great addition to a busy household, and allow parents to save a lot of time. Thoughtful, practical gifts like these can help them deal with everyday chores much faster and as a result, they can spend more quality time with their friends and family, as well as start focusing on their self-care and wellness. They will surely appreciate the effort, and recognize how much you care about their well-being. 

Furthermore, parents will not be the only family members delighted with presents. Every child and pet loves receiving gifts. Once you see the smile on the kid’s face or the happy wagging tail, you will not regret the time you put into choosing the gift!