Remaining fit & healthy in life has never been more important. As we become aware that toxins might be in the air and that our bodies are being called on to perform at higher levels, treating our four-layer biological bodysuits is just essential in today’s environment. To help inspire your healthy habits, we’ve collected seven tips that you might want to consider before your workout.

1. Proper Nutrition

Before you workout, you must fuel your body with proper nutrition. Eating a balanced diet is best if you are training in the gym to give your body the nutrients that it needs to perform well. Eating several meals and snacks a day is highly recommended to feed your metabolism and help your body function at it’s best. 

2. Daily Hydration

Access to water is a precious gift that we may or may not often overlook. It is most appropriate to consume, at the very least, eight full glasses of water a day. If you are working out often and sweating toxins out of your skin, drinking enough glasses of water a day is recommended. While it might have you running to the restroom more often, you are also sure to nurture your mind and body with a steady flow of water to help nutrients flourish with ease. 

3. Daily Protein

Proper caloric intake, frequent hydration and healthy eating patterns are all very good things to think about before you hit the gym. When you train at the gym, the best pre-workout will include paper nutrition. And the best post workout is planned for before you begin to train. Consuming a protein supplement right after you work out is recommended to reseed your exercised body during its anabolic phase. Planning a protein powder supplement for post-workout, just before you hit the gym is a great way to be sure that you hit your protein goal for the day. 

4. Stretching or Yoga

Before you hit the gym for strength training or cardio, double-check that you have plans to stretch throughout your workout week. While you are right to challenge and push yourself in the gym, your ability to move and push your self further is dependent on your plans to help nourish your muscles. 

Stretching not only helps encourage your muscles to develop to their full length and performance capacity but also aids in proper nutrient absorption. Stretching is a great way to help your body recover. If you haven’t already, you might want to discover a yoga practice because it will help with your overall sense of well-being and balance.

5. Pre Workout Supplement

A preworkout supplement helps by preparing your body to dilute the acids that become present when you push yourself to lift in the gym. Lactic acid builds up quickly and can cause you to stop working out due to discomfort or pain. Nitric oxide dilutes lactic acid so that you can push harder to do more repletion and more exercises without discomfort. The best preworkout often includes a dose of caffeine or other energy supplements that works with the rest of the ingredients to help you have the best workout possible for your body.

6. Create a Game Plan 

If you can find a moment of quiet and stillness before you take off to the gym, it is a good idea to think about what you will do when you get to the gym. You might consider the exercises that you will do or what body parts you want to focus on when you get there. It is also a good idea to track your progress by writing down numbers and making note of the weight you lift and the repetitions you perform. 

This way, you can see how your numbers increase and make note of how your body feels as the weeks go by. Setting and reaching goals is a great feeling and when you go in with a game plan, it simply helps all the other steps to ensure you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

7. Positive thinking

With a consistent routine and proper planning, your body will most likely provide results to serve as motivation. Working out often generates feelings of well-being and goodness. Overthinking or challenging thought patterns can sometimes interrupt our workout plans and could create a stagnant pattern that could disrupt your progress. 

With a little bit of practice, setting yourself up to redirect those thoughts to think about something that makes you feel better is a good idea. If you think about how you will redirect any thought pattern that doesn’t help you with the previously mentioned good habits, you’ll have provided yourself with tools to keep your workout on the right path.