Divorce is no bed of roses. Everyone on the earth enters a relationship with a hope to pass happy life forever with the partner. But life sometimes play a different game that we cannot anticipate. If the equation with the partner doesn’t go as expected, you need to take this decision. 

Nevertheless, even if it is one of the most emotionally fragile phases of your life, it can serve to be the essential gateway to a better life. Popular surveys have pointed out that divorced men and women often find a sense of independence and freedom that helps them to have a better life as a whole. Don’t believe it? simply read on.

  • Bye-bye toxic relations

Oh yes, big time! One of the best things when you live life post divorce is that you are finally away from the clutches of a toxic relationship. The relationship that was heading to nowhere and that was feeling painful for so many years. It is so much better to be on your own than to live with someone who is costing you your physical and mental health. This is one big and strong step for sure. However, finally having taken it you can now live a life free from the nightmares of a vicious relationship. Just ask your lawyer who gets the dogs in a divorce.

  • Welcome better health

With all the stress, anxiety, misery gone from your life, now open your arms to a much healthier entity. We all know that an excessive emotional burden can affect our hormones, mental wellbeing, and finally our health as a whole. Divorce can mean a release from this situation once and for all.

  • Quality ‘Me’ time

Making a marriage work is a full-time job. Planning for it, working behind it can take all your time, effort, and energy. This can rob you of your much-required quality ‘me’ time. Post-divorce you can enjoy the quality personal time when you can do everything that you cherish as a person. Your favourite hobbies, personal grooming sessions, quality socializing, your dreams and aspirations, etc.

  • Enjoy freedom

Life after post-divorce is lavishly smeared with one privilege you have surely missed so far – freedom. Now there is no need to bear the extra baggage of having to take the opinion, consent, and agreement of your spouse in everything that needs to be done between you both. You are on your own, your own boss with no extra baggage around.

  • Start afresh

This is the best phase of your life when you can begin afresh. This is the perfect time when you can start with all professional goals, aims, and focus that was left midway when you went the way of beginning a new family.

  • Be a better parent

A failed marriage can be a highly toxic environment for a child. It is any day better to move out of the situation and offer a healthier ambiance to your child. Now each one of you (you and your spouse) can devote and enjoy better independent time with your child.

  • Know your friends

Divorce is one of the best times to know your real friends. This is when you can differentiate your closest allies from the rest. You can also make new acquaintances and friends in times to come. A fresh start can also mean better and healthier relationships.

  • Bask in your strength

A divorce is a procedure that often helps an individual realize their core strength. Basking in the glory of self-strength can be highly motivating.

  • Not sharing is bliss

Being on your own without having to share any aspect of your life with another person can be a great feeling. It can help you feel stronger, complete, and much fuller.

  • YOU are your world now

YOU are the most important person in your life. Living a life where most of your time and effort is invested in making others comfortable you forget to take care of yourself. This can be done well in the post-divorce life. Start loving yourself by developing all those habits and indulging to all those hobbies that interest you. 


Freeing from a toxic relationship can actually open so many more opportune alleys for you! Interestingly, as compared to men, divorced women experience a distinct quality upgrade in their lives post-divorce. So, no matter how dilapidated, broken, and hellish you are feeling right now, divorce in your life can do wonders.