We have been a fan of Laurie Berkner’s children’s music since the kids were little. Her music was a staple in our home and in the car, and helped us survive many roadtrips, and I can’t tell you how many songs I know by heart! We also went to one of her concerts as well, and it is wonderful that there is a new album to listen to. My oldest is 14 now, and I find myself singing along when I hear Laurie Berkner songs we listened to over a decade ago!

Laurie Berkner’s “Let’s Go” is available March 5, 2021, with 16 tracks to enjoy. This album was created during the pandemic, but is easily recognized as the Laurie Berkner we have always known, with her beautiful, cheerful songs that are engaging and enjoyable.

  1. Let’s Go
  2. When it’s Cold
  3. What Am I Gonna Be (for Halloween)
  4. The Superhero Handwashing Song
  5. I Saw a Butterfly
  6. I’m on Vacation
  7. Time to Eat
  8. Listen to the Sounds
  9. It’s Hard to Be 3
  10. Jumping Jack
  11. Take a Look at My Face
  12. I Tied My Shoes
  13. One Step
  14. Happy New Year
  15. Beautiful Light
  16. The Superhero Mask Song

All of these songs are very relatable to kids and their parents. Laurie Berkner has a great way of drawing kids into her songs and making the material interactive, so that kids are singing along and moving along too.

There are a couple tracks inspired by the pandemic, and talk about the superheroes that wear masks and wash their hands. I like that it makes hand washing a fun, positive experience that empowers kids to be safe!

I’m a superhero with a job to do
And if you’re a superhero
You can save the world, too!

I just turn on the water
And add a lot of soap
It’s time to wash my hands

I love the positivity of this album,

I am a beautiful light in this world
I am a beautiful light in this world
I am a beautiful light  And I shine so brightly
A beautiful light in this world

Check out the “Let’s Go” video here:

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