The iPhone covers available on the market are diverse, with something for everyone. There are some unique, unusual, exciting, and innovative phone covers available today. This blog post will take you through some of the best for 2021.


Time to get patriotic and showcase that you are proud of where you are from. There are lots of iPhone covers available that are based around a country’s flag, or something that is unique to a particular country – such as the three-leaf clover for Ireland. You don’t have to go for a flag that is an exact replication of what you’d see if someone from your country won the Olympics. There are fashionable takes on this. For example, you can get phone covers that give flags a denim effect.

Personal photos

You can turn your own personal photos into a phone case. To do this, you will need to transfer your photo from your phone to your computer. Check out for help with this. You then simply upload the photo onto the company’s website and they will turn it into a cover for you. 

“Keep Calm and…”

You’ve seen the posters, the mugs, the t-shirts, and now there is a range of iPhone covers to finish off the trend too. Usually, these phone cases feature one bold background color. They then have a saying printed in the middle in block capitals. Most contain an image of the royal crown on the top as a logo, however, there are some cases that have changed this in order to suit the saying they have used. For example, “keep calm and eat cupcakes” is likely to feature a small image of a cupcake instead. The most popular and original saying is “keep calm and carry on”. This is cool because every time you see your phone you will see a positive message. Alternatively, there are niche sayings, such as “keep calm and kill zombies” – ideal for anyone who loves video games. 

Leopard print

Leopard print was always in and out of fashion, but over the past few years, it has established itself as a trend that is here to stay. The pattern is exciting, lively, energetic, wild, and full of personality. If you are a girl that’s loud and proud then a leopard print iPhone cover will be perfect for you. You don’t need to stick to the typical brown color either. There are lots of innovative and electric takes on this style. You can go for neon pink and black, bright blue and yellow – whatever suits you.

Pin-up girls

This doesn’t relate to the pin-up girls you see in men’s magazines today. Instead, this relates to pin-up girls that were seen in advertisements during the war and alike. Essentially, this is a vintage phone cover. And interestingly this is a style of phone cover that is liked by men and women alike. There is a very artistic, intriguing, and flirtatious element to these phone covers. They also offer an air of mystery as well.