Pets are well known for their ability to love, not to mention their capacity to be silly, sympathetic, and consoling. To put it simply, pets always bring an enormous beneficial impact to their owner’s life. They can be good for their medical condition, mood, and general outlook on the future.

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Recently, a study conducted in the United States has revealed that the number of pets in U.S. households is larger than the number of children. As a matter of fact, the ‘American Pet Products Association’ (APPA) declares that Americans spent over $90 billion in 2019 for their pet companions.        

While keeping a pet at home has its benefits, if you are among those who are thinking of getting one, you should also have in mind that there are certain costs included when thinking about adding a pet member to your family.

According to a study conducted in 2020 by the APPA, regular food for a dog costs approximately $260 per year. For a cat, it costs around $230, aside from the additional costs for other pet essentials.

But the highest cost of owning a pet originates from veterinary visits. While these costs vary from around $160 to $220 per visit, they can simply double in case of sudden sickness or injury. In order to be prepared for emergencies and unwanted situations, a lot of dog owners opt to register for a pet insurance plan.  

Pet insurance policies obtain a low monthly expense but can cover vet bills up to thousands of dollars. The dog insurance business is booming nowadays, and since dog owners have a lot of options to choose from, you should carefully compare dog insurance providers before you make your choice. 

So, if you are one of those people who has always desired to become a pet parent, let our reasons below convince you to get one finally.

Pets Can Improve Your Mood And Health

It is a fact; pets actually do enhance your mood. According to WebMD research, people facing any disease have little chance of developing depression if they have a pet in their home. 

Anyone who owns a pet will absolutely agree that they always help you improve your mood and offer comfort, fellowship, and affection. 

Many health specialists state that pet owners are developing a much stronger immune system from being exposed to animal allergens for a long time and eventually become resistant to other pests.

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Pets Are A Good Source Of Activity And Safety

If you are looking for someone to join you for everyday walks, there is no better companion than a dog. Dogs are always a great company for taking walks and will gladly go out for one at any time. 

Sometimes, even when you are completely worn out, they will urge you to go for a walk. Therefore your pet will keep you active and help you maintain your fitness. Also, pet-related activities are great ways to exercise, such as playing with your pets, training them in different sets of skills, or even merely bathing them. 

As for the safety part, the dogs are known to be outstanding caretakers, and no alarm system can beat a dog’s bark at home. 

A Pet Will Help You Enhance Your Social Skills And Non-Verbal Communication

Taking your pet for a walk can result in striking up a conversation with another pet owner, which might be an opportunity for a beautiful friendship, not only for you but also for your pets. 

Even strangers are more fond of you in some situations, and you might get a smile from them or a simple ‘hello’ just because of your pet. 

When you share a silly video from your pet online, people are instantly participating along and sharing their own pet’s goofy-related stories. Non-verbal communication plays a significant role when having a pet. 

With time, you will start understanding the unspoken just by trying your best to figure out what your pet is attempting to tell you exactly. 

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They Teach You About Responsibility And Affection

Regardless of which type of pet you choose to get for your home, it will demand plenty of your attention. So, the fact that you will take responsibility for another living creature will eventually make you even more responsible in your life in general. 

This especially applies to children who are starting to learn the value of the order and right habits, and if you have children of your own, a pet will ease off the process of teaching them how to be responsible towards certain things. 

A lot of affection is also included when taking care of a pet because they know how to show it and acquire it back. Children raised with pets develop affectionate personalities in an earlier stage of life, which will make them more caring towards people later on.

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You Will Never Feel Lonely Or Unloved

Pets are very loyal and will always be there for their owners. So if you feel sad or your mood is low, they are always here to cheer you up. If you feel the need to tell them a secret, you will know that your secret is safe with them no matter what. 

Plus, since they are very affectionate and faithful creatures, especially dogs, you will always feel loved by them, and they will always make you feel like the most important figure in their lives. 

Also, several studies have shown that people who spend quality time with their pets tend to live longer and more fulfilled lives. 

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Final Words

In general, pets need a lot of attention and commitment, plus some costs are included as well, but this is such a small price to pay compared to the benefits you will get in return. So, if you are one of those people who have wanted a pet since forever, think no more; just head out and search for your new furry best friend.