Adopting a dog is a beautiful bonding experience for the whole family. When you have children, encouraging them to look after their pet can be a great way of teaching them responsibilities. A lot of families record huge behavioral improvements in older children and teens after welcoming a pet in the household. 

However, adopting a dog doesn’t come without challenges. Creating a home decor that works for your family and your pet is no easy task. Dogs, even well-behaved ones, can contribute to the creation of a messy interior. Most breeds shed a lot of hair and dandruff, which means you’ve got to clean more often. Additionally, we’ve all seen photos of damages caused by excitable pups. Torn pillows, chewed furniture, and muddy paws. It’s hard to imagine how to keep your home tidy and stylish when you adopt a pet. Yet, some smart home improvements can transform your interior for the better. 

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Set the rules

First of all, it’s fair to say that without proper dog training, you can’t get rid of destructive habits. An untrained dog is more likely to chew your belongings or sit down on the sofa when you’re not around. Large breeds can cause significant damage to a cozy leather sofa, as a result of their weight and long nails. Additionally, you also need to train your dog to be clean and not soil the floor. If you are unsure where to start, you can find more here in terms of training tips and lessons. Training will serve a variety of purposes. First of all, it establishes your bond with your pet. But it is also a useful tool to curb antisocial behaviors and panic responses. You can take a relaxed and obedient dog anywhere with you. While you’re more likely to leave an untrained dog at home, which will only make the situation worse. 

#1. Remove carpets

Most dogs are furry creatures. It’s in their nature. As such, they will inevitably shed hair. Only a few breeds are renowned for not shedding, but you’ll still have a cleaning to do. Keeping your carpeted floors looking and smelling fresh when you’ve got a dog can be tricky. Even the best-trained pets can have muddy paws, or accidentally be sick on the carpet. While that doesn’t sound appealing, a lot of dog owners would agree that cleaning after your pet is a given. Therefore, you can make things more manageable for your households by removing your carpet. l Hard flooring solutions such as wood, for instance, can be a stylish alternative. 

#2. Get an accessible wet room

Most people tend to think of the wet room as a specialized bathroom that offers a practical environment for people with reduced mobility. Wet rooms can also be a stylish addition to your home. Their open design makes the best use of space in the room. They also tend to be brighter as there are fewer obstacles to the natural light. A wet room is also a fantastic addition to your home when you’ve got a dog. You never know what the day could bring! A walk in the rain could turn into a muddy play, after which you’ll have to give Rex a bath. Because the wet room focuses on accessibility, it’s a lot more convenient to keep your pet clean and groomed. A lot of dogs find climbing into the shower or the tub uncomfortable and stressful. 

#3. Install a shoe cabinet

Dogs seek comfort in surrounding themselves with familiar scents. When you are away, your dog is more likely to scavenge your home with a comforting and friendly smell. Your dog might choose to sleep in your bed because it smells of you. Some dogs like to chew shoes for the same reason. Most dogs can be trained out of the habit, yet it’s not a process that happens overnight! Besides, each time you get a new puppy, your shoes will be at risk for some time! Rather than accepting the risk, you can invest in an elegant shoe cabinet that will keep your pumps and trainers safe from enthusiastic teeth. Besides, they look stylish in the hallway. 

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#4. Give them a room

Everyone at home has got a space they can call their own. The same principle applies to your dog. Giving your pet a room will serve many purposes. First of all, it’s a place where they can relax. You can keep a dog bed in there. But it’s also the perfect spot to keep their toys and other items. The ideal dog zone doesn’t need to be huge. More often than not you can turn an unused nook into a suitable dog room, such as the space underneath the stairs, for instance. As dogs spend approximately 50% of the day asleep, you want a cozy dog cushion and perhaps a special pet blanket. You can also add an open crate with their toys so you can keep those in one place. 

#5. Sliding doors

Some dogs understand how to open doors. However, small breeds or older dogs may not be able to reach the door handle anymore. The last thing you want when you go to work in the morning is to accidentally lock your pet inside a room. That’s where keeping sliding doors in your main home area can make a huge difference. You can use stylish sliding barn doors in the lounge and kitchen area, for instance. These can be an elegant addition to your interior. They are also easy to push open, even for small breeds! 

#6. A smart flap door

If you’re not around to open the door, you want to choose a safe option, such as a pet flap. A lot of homeowners are concerned about the risks of installing flat doors, as these may be used by burglars to gain access to your home. A smart flap door with microchip reading will ensure only your pet can wander inside and outside. Additionally, you can make it part of a smart home system, such as keeping track of your pet’s movements and behaviors when you’re away. 

#7. Sturdy and elegant fencing

If you’ve got a garden, you want to keep your pet safe. The addition of garden fencing can help create an enclosed zone where they can play. Additionally, a wooden fence can be a stylish addition to your outdoor area. It keeps your home private from inquisitive bystanders. You can use specialist varnish to keep the fence colorful and boost curb appeal. 

#8. No more visible wire

Loose wires make your home look messy. TV wires, computer cords and other cables are necessary for a modern household. Yet, you don’t need to see them. Keeping them safely tucked out of sight by hooking them at the back of your furniture or behind a cable concealer kit will create a net interior. When you’ve got a pet, this can avoid accidental chewing or tripping! 

#9. Dog-safe garden

Last but not least, your garden can be designed with pets in mind. You can work with professionals to create a landscaping project that combines plants and an outdoor playground for your dog. Focus your attention on dog-safe plants and bushes to avoid any issue. Landscaping can help make sense of your yard by keeping it manageable, tidy, and dog-friendly. Some popular designs include a grassy area for running, a wooden playground area with climbing and hiding spots, and raised beds to keep flowers and delicate bushes out of reach. 

Are you ready to adopt your first pet? Dogs are great fun! They keep you active and fit, as you need to walk a dog every day. They require attention and extra management, but you can save yourself a lot of hassle by making smart additions to your decor. Creating a manageable and dog-friendly property means your family can spend more time relaxing with the dog. 

Making these changes to your home can have a positive impact on your homes value and more appealing to dog owners. Want to find out the value of your home? The Property Buying Company can help.