It seems as though as technology continues to increase and make our lives more convenient, there are other ways that it makes certain activities a little more challenging. Driving is a good example of this. There is more driver-assistance technology in use today than ever before. 

Features such as 360-degree visuals, adaptive controls, alerts when you are veering into other lanes or across lines, and many other pieces of technology are helping us to be better drivers. But perhaps it is the same or similar technology that also creates the need for this safety equipment. 

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All of the modern-day connectivity and interaction between devices has far too many people streaming movies or swiping screens when they should be looking at the road. The number of distracted driver accidents continues to rise each year. 

With that being understood, it is imperative for people everywhere to pay more attention when driving, to make up for the lack of attention others may be paying it. This is especially true for moms and their children. It can be really tough to drive one, let alone multiple kids around to various destinations. Between finding the right TV show and answering an endless barrage of questions about where you are going and why, it can be very easy to take your mind off of driving, even if only for a second. 

So, to try and avoid these types of situations, here are a few suggestions for staying safe on the road with your little ones in tow:

Proper Car Seat Placement (For Younger Children)

Those who have never had children may not realize that the process of installing a car seat can sometimes be a little tricky. If it is not done exactly the way the instructions show, not only can it be less safe, it may actually be more dangerous. This is why it is vitally important that you make sure yours is placed properly.

Proper Seatbelt Placement (For Older Children)

For children who are using seatbelts, it is equally important to make sure that they are wearing them correctly. You don’t want them up near the throat where they could wrap around it. Also, you don’t want it so low that it doesn’t properly secure the torso to the back of the seat. The correct placement of the strap is across the chest and up the center of the shoulder.

Sitting In the Front Seat

For kids who are old enough to sit in the front seat. Other rules may apply. First off, you should research the recommendations from the experts on what size someone should be before riding in the front seat. It is also recommended that the passenger side airbag be disconnected in some cases as well. Look for suggestions suited to the age and size of your child.

Avoiding Distractions

We mentioned briefly in the opening about distractions. One of the biggest ones on the roads today is cell phones. But that isn’t only the other drivers. If we are all being honest with ourselves, many of us have used our phone or device when driving as well. 

Expecting an important text from work or a sick family member might be something you feel you need to glance at immediately. But that is certainly not the only distraction; hyperactive or fighting children are very common as well. If you find yourself having to deal with siblings or your kids and their friends fighting with each other, look for a place to pull over first.

Sometimes Accidents Are Simply Unavoidable 

Eliot M. Houman a Personal Injury Lawyer and Founder of The Accident Guys explains, “If you are involved in a car accident, the first thing you should do is remain calm and seek medical attention if you are injured. In most accidents that involve minor or no injuries, the police department won’t come out for a report. It will be up to you to gather the information you will need to start building your claim.  Even if the police say they are coming, it can sometimes be hours before they do.  It is best if you can collect the other drivers insurance information before the police arrive.”

When this happens, staying calm is key. After making sure that everyone is ok, call the police. If you think for any reason you or someone else needs to get looked at, have the EMTs come as well. 

Take pictures to document the damage for your insurance company. It also makes sense to contact a qualified auto accident lawyer as well, just to safeguard the health and wellbeing of you and your children.