Most parents feel like a twin-size bed is convenient and ideal for kids. However, parents never switch their kids’ beds until they decide to either move out or do it themselves. On the other hand, it is difficult for parents to let go of twin mattresses and exchange them for more oversized mattresses. However, we have good news for you because you do not have to give away two mattresses. You can simply convert two twin mattresses into one king-size bed. How to convert two twin mattresses to a king? This is the ultimate question to which people want an answer. We are here to answer all your questions and provide you a perfect solution.  

Parents tend to buy a twin-size bed for their children because they are small and convenient for them. However, it is difficult to exchange beds when they grow up for multiple reasons. However, you cannot change the bed if you don’t want to but instead make a king mattress from two twins. We have a handful of tips to help you achieve the right king-sized bed. To know further details, keep on reading. 

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How to convert two twin mattresses to a king 

People have a lot of things to do on a limited income can create a lot of burdens. However, you do not have to spend your money on unnecessary things. You can quickly turn two twin mattresses into a king, but you have to sacrifice your headboard. There are a lot of online tutorials to make a DIY headboard from scratch. However, this article focuses on solely converting twin mattresses to a king. So, if you are enthusiastic about achieving the final product, then keep on reading. 

Crucial note 

Before you convert twin mattresses into the king, you need to understand that the dimensions will not be the same. When you combine two twin mattresses or preferably two XL mattresses, the sizes are different. When you look at the dimensions in detail, two twin mattresses are 5-inch shorter in height than an actual king mattress. You have to find ways to make up for the dimension limitations. It is essential to use your mind and try to think of solutions. There is a bed bridge available in the market, which is perfect for combating the limitation. You can also find some bedding, which is ideal for giving you a king-size mattress feel. 

Setting up bed platforms 

Bed platforms are an essential part of the whole project. You need two different twin-size bed platforms so that the mattresses can adjust on it. There are many cheap options available for the bed frame, which you can look for online. The metal bed frames are easy to find, and they never go out of fashion. You can get your hands on the bed frame for less than $100. They also help you clean easily under the bed and have enough storage space

Non-skid pads 

The first intuition of any person would be to place the mattresses directly on the metal bed frames. However, this is not the right thing to do because the mattress will slide away from the headboard once you sleep on it. To keep the mattress firm, a person can use non-skid pads. The non-skid pads are readily available anywhere, primarily online on Amazon. You can get your hands on them for a lower price and keep your mattress in place. You can also cut them to make them fit your metal frame perfectly. 

Foam bed bridge 

When you make a king with a twin mattress, you will have to face minor issues. Some people place the two mattresses together and cover them with a large king-size bed sheet. However, it is not the right approach because you will experience a weird gap in between. You may not notice it is the right way, but when you sleep on make-shift beds, they are uncomfortable sleeping. However, a foam bed bridge is something you will thank god for as it fills in the gap. You can place it in between the two mattresses and cover it with thick bedding. 

Pillow top mattress pads 

A pillow top mattress pad is also something you can use to cover the bed bridge. You can also use this if you have an old mattress that you would like to jazz up and make new. Not many people know about this trick, but it makes your bed look neat and polished. The height lacking from your bed can also be achieved if you use similar things such as mattress pads. You can also choose any bedding you like, and it will fit perfectly after you use so many things to cover it and make it look seamless. 

Use tricks to make up for the height 

People like fluffy beds, and achieving that effect with a twin mattress is not easy. How to keep two twin beds together? This is also one of the most asked questions which people wonder about. Well, you can use a thin layer of padding beneath the two twin mattresses to achieve height and stability. People sometimes also use a thick comforter of light pillows to achieve a fuller effect. You can easily cover the bottom lining with cute beddings. You will undoubtedly love this tip if you like a high mattress. 

A glance at all the steps 

  • Order two metal bed frames and align them together for a king-size bed effect. 
  • Lay an anti-skid pad on the bedframes to avoid the mattress from slipping around. 
  • Place the two mattresses on the bed frame and cover the gap with a bed bridge. 
  • A user can also use a pillow top mattress pad to achieve a fuller look. 
  • Use some tricks such as a fluffy comforter at the bed base to achieve the height you desire. 

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People in the mood for some DIY may wonder how to convert two twin mattresses to a king. We do understand that wasting money on things can be a great hassle. Hence, we have some tips for you which you can use to achieve a fluffy king bed. You can look at the information and make one for yourself in a matter of a few minutes.