Unicorns are the epitome of whimsical, colorful magic. Did you know that they have their own holiday? National Unicorn Day is celebrated every year on April 9th in the United States. If you’re eager to celebrate Unicorn Day in a big, bold way — or if you just want a vibrant art project to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon — there are plenty of ways to create some unicorn themed-fun.

Make Shiny Art

Unicorns are the perfect subject for fun arts and crafts projects. Between the bright colors and abundant glitter, there’s something to keep every crafter happy and engaged, so gather a group of friends and round up some art materials. For extra inspiration, make sure everyone has some unicorn supplies such as colorful stickers and sparkly pencils to create.

A fancy origami unicorn bookmark is a fun project to make with kids, and they can enjoy using it long after they’ve finished making it. The paper folding is not complicated, and kids can let their imaginations run wild as they decorate their unicorns.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try your hand at DIY unicorn bath bombs. Any project can become unicorn-inspired if you sprinkle on lots of glitter, so let the sparkle lead the way as you celebrate Unicorn Day.

Make Colorful Food

Once you’re finished crafting, you’ll need to replenish your energy with some snacks. No Unicorn Day celebration would be complete without ornate, colorful food. Of course, you can make cupcakes and decorate them with rainbow sprinkles, or frost sugar cookies with multi-colored icing. Food coloring can help you make a variety of foods worthy of a celebration, from pancakes to smoothies.

To really impress any unicorn-loving crowd, though, grab some glass noodles, purple cabbage, and lemon juice, and make some all-natural and thoroughly magical unicorn noodles. Save the color-changing application of lemon juice for a spectacular show at the dining table to elicit oohs and aahs from your friends. You can decide whether to explain the science or let them believe it’s truly unicorn magic.

Enjoy Unicorn Stories

Finish off your National Unicorn Day celebration by relaxing with a book or movie featuring this mythical, magical creature. There are plenty of options for all ages. It should come as no surprise that picture books about unicorns are plentiful. If you’d rather choose a book aimed at adults, how about “The Unicorn Tapestries” by Tracy Chevalier? This fictional story is about a real work of art. The actual tapestries are at the Cloisters museum in upper Manhattan.

Fancy a movie instead? “The Last Unicorn” is a beautiful film from the 1980s in which a brave unicorn sets out to find more of her kind after she’s told that she is the last one. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this movie. Some colorful unicorn popcorn would make a perfect addition to your movie-viewing event.

A celebration of unicorns can’t help but be a spectacular occasion. Gather a few friends, and include some unicorn magic in all of your activities. You’re sure to have a Unicorn Day celebration that sparkles!