Cordless vacuum cleaners make for a useful addition and a great cleaning companion for any home. These cleaners give you a wireless cleaning experience enabling you to clean your home swiftly and easily. Cordless vacuum cleaners can clean hard-to-reach and tighter places. Also, the absence of a power cord gives you freedom from tangling or worries about getting the cord snapped onto something during your cleaning session. 

Different brands use different approaches in terms of vacuum designs. This can make it hard to choose the best cordless vacuum cleaner. Comparing the brand models can help you pick the right one for your requirements. 

You can compare any cordless vacuum brands in the market, such as Gtech vs Dyson and others, based on their features and benefits. Below are few features to help you compare the best cordless vacuum cleaners. 

  1. Construction and Design

Cordless vacuums are designed for ease of use, and each of the brand models comes in an innovative design. However, while comparing, take note of vacuums that come with a collapsible handle which is an essential feature allowing for easy storage. A vacuum cleaner with proper motor placement will provide stability while cleaning, making it highly manoeuvrable. 

  1. Cleaning Power

The foremost purpose of a vacuum cleaner is to clean dirt and dust efficiently. Hence, comparing the cleaning performance of vacuums from different brands is essential. A vacuum cleaner should provide great suction power for an all-round cleaning suitable for carpets and hard floors, removing all hidden dust, hair, and dirt. An additional setting of a higher level of suction will be quite useful, especially for stubborn areas. 

  1. Lightweight

For an effortless vacuuming experience, you need a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner. The weight of the vacuum will also depend on the batteries it uses. A lightweight vacuum will make it easier for cleaning high up, low, and everywhere in between. 

  1. Run Time

For how long the battery of the vacuum cleaner will last is something to check on. A vacuum with a powerful motor but offering only a 10-minute run time is of no use. For cleaning a larger space, you need ample run time on a single charge.

The vacuum run time should not reduce when using a motorized floor tool or while cleaning with a direct-drive cleaner head. Also, compare the amount of time it takes to recharge the battery. You cannot wait the whole day for your cleaning session. A battery level indicator can also be a handy feature in cordless vacuum cleaners. 

  1. Dirt Collection System

An improved dirt collection system will prevent dust from escaping into the air. Compare the dust capacity as well the emptying systems of the different vacuums. An easy disposing system will give you the ease of emptying without getting your hands dirty. 

Some vacuums are bagged, while others are bagless. Bagged models need to be replaced once full. Also, you need to keep some empty bags in stock at all times. Bagless models may not be suitable for people with allergies as they might release dust into the air while emptying. 

  1. Extra Tools and Accessories

The type of accessories vacuum cleaners of different brands provide is another factor to look into. These accessories will help make any cleaning job efficient and effortless. The lack of accessories may make it challenging to clean furniture, stairs, or cars. 

Also, with pets in the house, the extra tools will help taking out pet hair from carpets and furniture. For instance, while comparing Gtech vs. Dyson or any other brand, please note the accessories they provide. 

  1. Price

Some vacuum cleaners come with a hefty price tag, while there are affordable ones too. Compare the prices of the different vacuum cleaner brands together with the features they offer. Most of the time, it is what you pay for is what you get. Whether you compare Gtech vs. Dyson or any other brand, each of them will have different prices. 

By comparing the features of the different cordless vacuum cleaners, you will pick out the best one.