The kitchen is not only limited to cooking and eating purposes, and has become an integral space in the whole home. You will often see modern city apartments have kitchen without windows. This might make homeowners claustrophobic as there is no option for viewing the outdoors. But, with the help of artificial lighting, the kitchen can be lightened up. These days, interior designs of the kitchen-space mainly focus on minimum décor yet with contemporary finishes. Homeowners should not be demotivated or step back if they do not have a window in their kitchen from creating their dream kitchen.

It is time to lighten up dark rooms and convert them into an airy space. In this article, The Architecture Designs introduces six modern ideas for the kitchen without windows to give them an elegant appearance:

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  • Use plants: If you cannot view the trees and plants outside, bring the greenery inside. In a kitchen without windows, it can feel stuffy. Between using the stove and a fireplace, homeowners might need something else to clean the air. Plants are a great way to purify the air and bring in an aura of nature. With wood floors and soft-hued walls, the green touch will be eye-catching. Hang indoor climbers like Marble Pothos over the kitchen island or the sink. Low-light houseplants like an Orchid or English Ivy, or even parsley can be placed on the kitchen island. 
  • Open shelves: It is advised to base a kitchen without windows ideas on a white palette. White-tiled walls will give a sleek look. With white porcelain exposed shelves over the counter, one can lavishly display their exclusive white plating, bowls, glasses, pottery, vases and cookery books. Hanging open shelves can turn into an organized open pantry. Without any question, it will be easy to reach for anything when in need. This will, to a great extent, save money on the cabinet doors and will make the kitchen look open and spacious. This kitchen design will give off the aesthetic personality vibes of the homeowner. 
  • Art: The conventional idea of showcasing artwork only in the living or drawing room should be given up. The trend of a colorful display of artistic works has entered the kitchen space too. It is great when colors and textures are mixed and matched. Frame your favorite cooking quotes and hang them on the walls. Any inspiring or humorous art can be used as motivation. With a heightened wooden floor and oval island with exposed shelves to store the light-weight appliances, one can go for canvas art from various painters to hang proudly on the kitchen walls. Hanging landscape paintings of scenic beauty like skies or seas or trees might cover the kitchen no windows.
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  • Vibrant color: Generally, homeowners opt for a neutral color theme for their kitchen; but when it is a kitchen without window, it might make matters a bit dull. Sometimes, it is good to go unconventional. This design idea might be the least expensive out of all. A distinctive bright color or textured tile on the walls and glossy white tile floor of the kitchen will illuminate the whole area. The kitchen island, cabinets, and appliances should complement the current kitchen design. The stools should be chosen of matte shade; it will add on an impeccable balance of color and warmth.
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  • Marble: This is a prevalent choice for kitchens without windows as it is highly durable. With exquisite marble flooring, the Snow white Thassos marble kitchen countertop adds more charm to it. Another plus point with marble is that it makes cleaning easy. The polished and smooth marble-tiled walls and the floor can reflect light, making the room more luminous. The marble kitchen island will have internal storage drawers and stools tucked inside it. It also adds a statement value.
  • Wood: Another material that is well worth working with in your kitchen is wood. If you approach this the right way, you should be able to create a much more beautiful and attractive kitchen, especially if you opt for a high-quality provider of reclaimed wood like Stikwood. This could make a profound difference to your kitchen in no time.
  • Glass cabinets: Cabinets with glass-front styles allow one to showcase their best cup and saucer set, colored bowls, dinnerware, and classic China sets. A glass kitchen island with cabinet legs will add a chic look. The artificial overhead lighting will reflect on the glass cabinets, benchtops, and other reflective substances. This will produce more light in the kitchen.