I have been blogging for over ten years, and blogging is one of those things that you can spend an infinite amount of time on! I am also a mom of two kids, and actually started blogging when my kids were young (one was a toddler and the other was in kindergarten).  I am not sure how I managed to juggle everything back then, but honestly, things are just as busy now that my kids are older, since much of the year I work 40 hours a week and then have to get the kids to all their afternoon and evening activities.

You really have to be efficient and use time management in order to manage your blog, without spending all your time working, and also to prioritize what has to get done especially if you have other commitments (kids, a job, etc).

1. Prioritize

Blogging can mean something different every day, so prioritize what needs to be done.  Sometimes I have a huge project with a deadline, sometimes I have smaller projects that need to be done, and sometimes there is nothing urgent.  I start my day with the most pressing things, and work my way down the list.

2. Have a schedule, calendar, or list

It is good to have a schedule for what needs to get done every day.  Maybe it isn’t an exact schedule, but it can help you get things done, from writing to posting, to social media.  Have a calendar you can refer to.  Most bloggers have an editorial calendar so that they can spread out their posts and have a timeline of posting.

3. Schedule Posts 

There are lots of tools out there to help you schedule posts.  By scheduling posts ahead of time, you can lighten your daily load and complete tasks ahead of time.  When I have extra time, I work on posts way ahead of time (for example, I work on Easter posts in January).  Catch up in your free time and schedule out.

4. Eliminate distractions and stick to your list

I have kids, so distractions are usually a part of my everyday life, and that is something I have to work around.  But there are plenty of other distractions that can divide your attention and slow you down.  This could be something like social media.  I am guilty of going to post something on social media for my blog, and then I end up scrolling through posts.  It is easy to turn on the TV and leave it on all day.  While it may not seem like much, it can divide your attention.

Make sure you stick to your tasks and that you do not get sidetracked.  It is understandable if you are juggling children at home during your work day, but this may mean that you should have set activities for your kids as well, such as 30 minutes of chores, quiet time, reading time, etc.

5. Designate work times

Blogging can mean endless work.  As in, you can always work on your blog.  But that doesn’t mean you should.  Just like any other job, you need a balanced work and home life.  It is important to designate work hours and non-work times as well.  Obviously, projects can run over and take longer than expected, but it is important to keep focused during certain hours.  This will also help you to structure your day, especially if you do not have an additional job.  Work hours will help you to make sure you have set meal times and not end up distracted.

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