Wedding cakes are special creations. They are not ordinary cakes but such cakes that will stay with you for your entire life. This is the main reason; people allot a special budget for these wedding cakes. Slightly adding creativity will manifold the look and the charm of the wedding cake. So, here is some amazing and unique cake topper idea for your wedding cake.

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  1. Favorite Food in Top

If food is your first love and you keep it above any others, then you should choose a cake topper that is based on the food theme. So, if you don’t want to make some replica of the food items. You can go for real food items like a wafer and small designed pancakes on the top of the cake.

  1. Printed Couple Cake Toppers 

Printed toppers are perfect to elevate the overall look of your cake while adding a personal touch to it. These kinds of toppers look funky and adorable at the same time and you can also get them customized according to your own test and choice. If you are unable to get the design, you can also take assistance from a cake topping designer who can deliver outstanding results.

  1. Animated Couple Miniatures 

There are various super cute edible couple miniatures available. They are certainly the best way to reflect the love and the cuteness of the couple. That cuteness will reflect on the cake which delivers an adorable look to the audience. They enhance personality and most of them are made out of fondant. So, if you want to customize your topping, you can add different flavors you like.

  1. Edible Animated Toppers That Depict Your Love Story 

If you want to display your love story and character to your audience, it is the best way to showcase that on your cake topping. There are super adorable and edible animated toppers available because the design of the toppers will reflect your love story and make you lovable in front of all. These kinds of toppings add extra cuteness and attractiveness to your wedding.

  1. Silhouette Wedding Cake Toppers 

If you want to impress your partner and the guests around you, it is best to go for silhouette cake toppers. These are some of the best things that will add more color and charm to your wedding party because these kinds of cake toppers simply add a personal touch to your wedding cakes. You can look for custom cake toppers if you want to make them more beautiful and attractive.

  1. Tree Cake Topper 

Trees are known as the best part of love. Most of the lovers prefer to add a natural touch to their love story. Adding a tree cake topper to the wedding cake is just one step forward because these are perfect to depict your entire love story on the wedding cake.

  1. Ring as a Wedding Cake Topper 

Wedding rings are the most adorable ornaments that keep the couple in a bind forever. Adding a small replica of the wedding ring of the cake will surely make it more attractive than others. You can add edible engagement rocks and edible rings. In this way, sharing that topper with the guests will not only share the message of the lover but also the taste.

  1. A Lovely Edible Castle on the Top of Wedding Cake 

If you love history or historical things, it will be best to add an edible replica of the castle on the top of the wedding cake. This castle will be like the witness of your love life and it will cheer the couples for their entire life.

  1. Laser-Cut Cake Toppers 

Laser-cut cake toppers always come with elegant and striking beauty. It is possible to go for the initials and you can add just by cutting your full name or even a small quote of a customized message. These kinds of laser cutting cake toppers can make a beautiful enhancement on your wedding couple.

  1. Beautiful Crowns as Cake Toppers 

Crowns are the best enhancements as wedding cake toppers. They can be easily placed on the wedding cakes and add a glorious picture that will be remembered for entire life. There are differently designed crowns available in the market and they all send a dissimilar message not only to newly married couples but to the entire guests. These crowns also showcase your style preferences.

  1. Love Birds as Cake Toppers 

Lover birds represent beautiful and lovely couples. If you love animal themes, it will be best to install perfect edible lover birds as cake toppers. They come in different sorts of types, styles, and colors with dissimilar sizes. If you want to add color to them, it will really make the wedding event more adorable compared to others.

  1. Bespoke 

There are various painted miniatures of couples available on market and they are the perfect choice to choose as cake toppers. They not only give the cake an executive look but also deliver the message of how much you are serious about your love life. Some people also add Victorian style clutches on them to make them more realistic.

  1. Vintage Treasures 

Vintage treasures of the past era make them the perfect topper for vintage couples. This kind of replicas is the representation of the family root. So, by adding vintage treasures as a cake topper, you can easily attract positive impressions from others.


Cake toppers add maximum beauty and the best look to wedding cakes. By choosing the perfect wedding topper, you can easily impress your partner and the guests around you. These are some of the unique cake topper ideas you can implement on your wedding cake.