What makes a great flashlight? Is it the way that it fits in your hand? Perhaps it’s the way it illuminates the room? Or is it the special attributes like being water-resistant or waterproof that make it so much more useful? The flashlight has come a long way since it was invented in the late 1880s and it has changed so much that there are now flashlights that can survive harsh treatment or conditions. There are flashlights that can be exposed to high heat, those lights that can be thrown or run over by cars, and flashlights that can go fully underwater and continue to work.

Are all the bells and whistles worth it? Some may not think so, but there are certain features such as waterproofing and water resistance that you may want to consider when buying a flashlight whether you need an everyday flashlight in your home, one for camping and outdoor activities, or one for strenuous work environment. 

What Makes a Waterproof Flashlight Waterproof?

The key to understanding whether you need a waterproof flashlight is to understand a bit about what makes it waterproof. Waterproof flashlights will typically have a battery compartment that is fully sealed and fully waterproofed to keep water out of the battery compartment entirely. This means that the batteries have no chance, or at least a very minimal chance, of getting wet when the flashlight is either fully submerged orexposed to water.

The bulb compartment is also going to be waterproofed to keep water off of the vital components, making sure the flashlight is going to work even when it gets wet. If there’s a chance you’ll be in a situation where the flashlight may be fully submerged in water, such as if you plan to go on a fishing or rafting trip, you do need to take the time to get a waterproof, not water-resistant, flashlight as a water-resistant light is not meant to be fully submerged. The first waterproof flashlight was designed with a push-button on and off to help make the light come on and to prevent water from getting into the light.

Do you Need a Waterproof Flashlight?

If you are looking for a flashlight that is going to withstand the elements, you can certainly feel good about investing in a good waterproof flashlight. It is always helpful when considering buying this type of flashlight to think about where you are going to be using your flashlight and how likely it is that it will be exposed to water. If you are working in the elements, working where there is a lot of water, or you are submerging your flashlight, you can certainly benefit from a waterproof light.

Companies like Fenix flashlight have some great waterproof flashlight options that are going to be high quality, high performance, and high endurance. These flashlights are easy to use and are a great option if you want a flashlight that you are going to be able to use for years to come. When choosing a waterproof flashlight, you should always look for quality over everything else. With any item that has been waterproofed, there’s a risk they are going to wear out over time, so investing a little bit more in the best-quality flashlight from the start is going to save you money in the long run and keep you from having to replace your light frequently.