Spring cleaning is a great feeling, and a great way to start the year! I am usually most motivated to do some spring cleaning after the holidays, as it feels wonderful to get rid of things and utilize my time during the coldest months of the year. That way, when warmer weather arrives, I can enjoy my home and being outdoors without being burdened by clutter or messes!

While there is the usual generic “spring cleaning”, there may be some overlooked areas. While we are busy clearing countertops and wiping down floor molding, other areas can be forgotten. Here are some tips for spring cleaning.

Go through closets

Closets always seem to accumulate clothes and other items that can be cleaned out. Kids closets are a great first place to go through, since they will have likely outgrown items and may also have moved on to different styles. For yourself, get rid of the things you haven’t worn in a while, or even things you are on the fence about – perhaps things that don’t fit comfortably. Anything with a stain can go!

Clean out the car

The car can be an easy spot for things to accumulate, from trash to the equivalent of having a junk drawer. Things end up under seats and stashed in compartments. It is good to go through everything, so that you get can rid of things and update what you need (e.g. swap out ice scrapers for umbrellas). Ideally, you should make sure that you give your car a good washing as well. Once you have decluttered the car, consider some good auto detailing so that the car is nice and clean.

Kitchen Pantry and Fridge

You can clean your pantry and save money at the same time! There are a couple different ways to tackle this. One – get rid of everything that is expired. Two – donate any foods you don’t think you are actually going to use. Three – pick foods that are nearing expiration and come up with a menu plan to use those items.

Clean up the garage

The garage can accumulate a lot of clutter in the wintertime. It is a good idea to get the garage ready for spring. As the weather gets better, you want to be able to take the bikes out for a ride, use the lawnmower, etc. You may want to make sure you have all the lawn and garden supplies you need, like gas for the lawn mower or fertilizer for the lawn as well.