It is quite an unsettling thought to consider that some of your everyday habits could be compromising your safety as a woman. While there’s no denying that women are not to blame for the staggering increase in violent crimes, there’s no doubt that increasing your safety-consciousness and adopting self-defense basics can reduce your chances of finding yourself in an unfortunate situation. Even though countless trending movements such as the #comeinside, which emerged from South Africa and saw numerous businesses open their doors to distraught women seeking a safe haven while traveling or waiting alone, women are still encouraged to adopt self-defense basics and safety-conscious thinking. 

Personal Alarms Devices And Smart Accessories

Purchasing a personal security alarm for your keychain or handbag can be handy in emergencies. The press of a small button will set off an alarm to deter bag thieves and other criminals. These devices work best in public spaces, although it is best to keep one on you at all times when traveling or alone. In addition to a security alarm, smart safety accessories are another innovative tech developed to support women and children’s safety. These devices function as GPS tracking devices that can send a distress message to a list of contacts and emergency services when in danger. The practical gadgets are styled as accessories to remain inconspicuous, making them ideal for children as well. 

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

It is imperative always to be aware of your surroundings whether you are walking alone late at night, enjoying a fun night out, or visiting a new place for the first time. Being aware of your surroundings means identifying exit and entrance points, knowing who is around you, and keeping your eyes peeled for suspicious instances. While you don’t have to develop a timid feral cat’s senses to stay safe, becoming aware of your surroundings is a habit that can be formed over time. Simply remembering to check for exit points as soon as you enter a new space is a great way to start developing this safety-conscious way of thinking.

Keeping Self-Defense Devices On Hand

While it won’t make sense to carry a stun gun in your hand when shopping at your local mall, it will make perfect sense to have a stun gun in your hand when walking alone at night. Self-defense devices such as stun guns, pepper spray, and shock buttons should be easy to access at all times, so keeping them in your bag is usually logical. However, when you feel significantly exposed in situations, it is recommended to hold onto your device. 

Always Make Your Location Known To Friends And Family

Whether you are a single mom dipping your toes in the dating pool, exploring new shopping territory, or simply going about your regular errands, your friends and family should know where you are. While you don’t have to broadcast a live location every time you leave the house, it is best to let at least one trusted person know your whereabouts. 

Learn Basic Self-Defense Moves

You don’t have to devote your life to jiu jitsu or professional boxing to adopt basic self-defense techniques. What’s more, you don’t even need to sign up for a self-defense class if you are not entirely keen on the idea. You can find tons of easy to follow self-defense tutorials online. Alternatively, you can sign up for an online class to benefit from some professional assistance. However, learning basic techniques such as hammer strikes, groin kicks, heel-palm strikes, elbow strikes, and several others are significantly easy to practice even at home. Even the most simple defense strike can save your life should you find yourself in an unfortunate position.

Be Safety Conscious When Driving

Just because you are protected from your vehicle’s surroundings does not mean you are not exposed to danger. Even if your windows are closed, car-jacking is a fairly common crime worldwide. When it comes to being safety conscious while driving, it is essential to conduct a five-point check at every stop. It is also vital to keep pepper spray or a stun gun at arm’s reach in your vehicle. Moreover, there are various other safety tips out there that can help you develop a safety-conscious mind when driving. 

Enhance Your Home Security

Safety-conscious thinking is more of a lifestyle than a habit. Enhancing your home security is essential even if you don’t live alone. There are a few ways to boost security at home, as you can install CCTV systems, window and door sensors, alarms and replace your locks with quality alternatives. What’s more, you can sign up with a reliable security company to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing professionals are monitoring your home at all times. Home security is vital for all homeowners and tenants, whether you are a woman alone or a large family. Home invasions can be traumatizing in every regard, even if you aren’t at home during the attack, so maximizing security is essential.

Trust Your Sixth Sense

Your sixth sense is not an elusive myth, and trusting your gut instinct is essential in being aware. Your intuition is your mind’s first defense against potential danger, so instead of shrugging off a bad feeling, you should always trust your sixth sense. Whether it is a person or a place giving you bad vibes, using your sixth sense to get away from danger is a skill that you should develop to stay safe as a woman. If you have ignored your intuition, there is no better time than now to learn to trust yourself.

Self-defense basics and a safety-conscious way of thinking are crucial for all women today and age where violence against women and children is a global issue. Instead of assuming it won’t happen to you, as so many victims of violence have, it is best to develop the necessary skills and habits to keep yourself safe. Being an independent woman means knowing how to protect yourself, even if it means developing flight skills rather than fight skills.