Also known as the Hawkeye State, Iowa became the nation’s 29th state in 1846. Iowa is the nation’s top pork producer, and it also has the third-highest number of farms in the U.S. The perfect soil and expansive land in Iowa attracted huge numbers of European settlers who worked to develop the area’s railroad infrastructure. 

However, due to overuse, the soil turned against farmers in the 1930’s and the economy almost collapsed. The move to stop farming helped the soil recover and stabilize, and that move made Iowa one of the world’s greatest agricultural economies today. This state has a rich culture, history, and so much more to offer.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Therefore, if you are planning to relocate, North Iowa realty space should be among the top of your considerations. Read now to know some of the benefits you can expect from living in North Iowa. 

1. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in this state is around 10% lower than the nation’s average. One of the reasons why this is so is because Iowa has several small towns that provide the support that farming communities need to thrive. This contributes to the general low living expense in Iowa. 

You will find that some cities such as Des Moines, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Dubuque have a relatively higher cost of living than other areas in the state. However, the cost of living in these cities is still lower than other states. Forbes magazine, in 2010, named Davenport/Bettendorf the most affordable metropolitan area in the nation. 

2. Highly Rated Education

The education system in Iowa is one of the best in the U.S. From elementary to high schools and colleges, this state has some of the best schools in the nation, both public and private. 

Iowa has a literacy rate of 99% and a graduation rate of 90%. Students who get their education in Iowa have a record of keeping a high score on their SATs and ACTs. If you move here with your children or plan to start a family while here, you can be sure that your kids will get access to very good education.

3. Affordable Housing

Iowa is ranked second in terms of cheap housing in the nation. Whether you are checking out North Iowa realty or a different location within the state, you will find plenty of affordable homes that you can move into with your family. The average price for a single-family home is around $200,000.

If you choose to settle in one of the lesser urban areas, you can get a 2,000 sq. ft. home for less than $100,000. Should you decide to rent, you can find a 2-bedroom apartment for less than $1000 a month.

4. You Get To Experience all Seasons

In Iowa, you will get to have a taste of all four seasons. During spring, several species of trees bloom simultaneously and then turn into a blanket of lively green vegetation that stretches out across the whole area.

In autumn the trees fill the area with a superb range of colors throughout the state. Winter comes with just enough snow for you to enjoy. The snow, compared to other states, is never too much to make you not look forward to the season.

Summer in Iowa is hot and humid, and you can get to go out and enjoy some of the best summer activities such as Canoe Park.  

5. Iowa Has a Low Crime Rate

Iowa happens to be one of the safest states you can choose to move to in the United States. It is the sixth safest place to live in the country and has the second-lowest murder rate. 

Property crime is very uncommon in Iowa. The odds of a resident experiencing property crime is 16.9 out of 1000, while the nationwide rate is 22.0. The odds of being a victim of a violent crime in Iowa state is 2.5 out of 1000 while the national rate stands at 3.7. 

6. No Traffic Jams

You may have to deal with huge traffic jams in other states and probably leave your home very early to make it to work or school on time. In Iowa, problems with traffic are almost non-existent. The state has very good infrastructure with plenty of very good roads and easy access to public transportation that makes commuting a hassle-free experience. 

7. Beautiful Natural Sights

No matter where you are in Iowa, you are bound to experience unending natural beauty. The state is not just a flat land filled with cornfields. It has beautiful rolling hills, flowing rivers, underground caverns, and caves waiting to be explored. There are several scenic byways, six state forests, and 85 state parks including 24 state wildlife areas.  

Other attractions that you might enjoy are the art galleries, museums, the world’s largest truckstop, the West Bend, and the largest man-made cave in the world. Iowa is also home to America’s Gothic house that was inspired by the famous Grant Woods painting.

8. Well-Performing Dairy Industry 

If you love milk products, you can easily find a dairy close to you fully stocked with specialty milk, cheese, and curds made by the best in the country. It is also the ice cream capital of the world. Wells Dairy, the creator of Blue Bunny ice cream, is located in Le Mars, Iowa. 

If you fancy a job in the dairy industry, then Iowa is the right place for you.

9. Great Healthcare Facilities

Iowa has excellent healthcare services that has seen the state ranked number five overall for giving Iowans access to good healthcare. This has positively impacted the quality of life in the state. Hospitals such as Mercy Medical, University of Iowa Hospitals, and Local UnityPoint hospitals are examples of good hospitals in the state.

Make Your Move to North Iowa 

No matter where you choose to live, in Iowa, you are guaranteed to enjoy all that this state has to offer. Iowa has great amenities, provides for an affordable lifestyle, and has plenty of attractions. Iowans are generally a friendly people who are always welcoming to both tourists and new residents of the state. 

If you don’t believe us, plan a trip to Iowa and see for yourself just how much you’d love making Iowa your new home.