We may still be dreaming of our first holiday in however many months, but that does not mean that you cannot start prepping and planning today. What you prep, however, needs to be more than just your vacation wardrobe, or where you will go, and where you will eat when you can finally take off again. As responsible homeowners, we should be considering what we are leaving behind; the fact is it’s dangerous to leave your home unattended. So, building up your home’s security is an essential part of leaving for vacation. 

There are so many benefits to prepping your home for when you go away, and they continue to be useful year after year, even on an everyday basis when you go to work when no one is at home. 

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From keeping your deliveries secure to ensuring that your home is always at a good temperature (and in the process avoid things like freezing pipes). You have plenty of time still before travel becomes easy and unrestricted, which means you have the perfect opportunity to invest in these simple solutions for your home: 

Invest in a Smart Home Solution 

A smart home solution offers you so much more control and security than just any old alarm. An alarm that connects to the police is a great choice, of course, but it doesn’t cover everything. 

A smart home solution will: 

  1. Allow You to Control Aspects of Your Home Remotely 

The biggest benefit of having a smart home set up is that you can control many different aspects of your home remotely. If you have someone come in to care for your plants, for example, you can let them in from your phone wherever they are in the world. You can also turn up the temperature if a freak blizzard hits when you are away, and more. The ability to do this from your phone is monumental and helps you protect your home no matter where you may be. 

  1. Keep Your Home a Safe Temperature 

It is not just manual control that makes a smart home such a great solution. You can also set rules and parameters. For example, if the temperature drops to a certain point, you can have your smart home system turn up the heat so that pipes don’t freeze and your plants don’t die on you without your knowledge. This is more specific than just keeping the house a low, consistent temperature, meaning you can keep your home comfortable for plants and your pipes and save even more money on your utilities. 

  1. Deter Thieves 

Thieves target empty homes because they are easy pickings. You can deter them by having a series of automated lights go on. After all, if lights go on and off for a few moments at a time, it gives the impression that you are home, even when you aren’t. This isn’t essential for everyone, as it does cost energy to turn these lights on even with a smart home system, but if you have been robbed before, it is a good solution. 

  1. Arm Your Home 

Arming your home is still going to be the best solution for you, but you want to have several backups for this system. For one, it should be connected to the internet or cell towers through several different options. Cutting your phone line should never stop your alarm system from working. 

How to Keep Your Plants Alive (Without a Babysitter) 

While pets should be either put in a kennel or babysat by a friend or family member, plants are best kept at home. They can be very, very sensitive to changes from different lighting conditions to different air pressures, so it’s important to figure out a way to properly care for them, even without someone coming to your house every day. 

You can either invest in a proper automated watering system, or you can use simple watering hoses to keep your plants watered without overwatering. They look like a beaker and are plunged down to the bottom of the pot, and are then filled with water. As your plant drinks, it will draw water.

The alternative option, the automated watering system, is better suited for plants that are very sensitive to overwatering and for herbs and other fruits and vegetables. 

The best part is that these systems are not just good for when you leave; they can work to keep your indoor jungle healthier and happier when you are at home, too! 

Keep Porch Thieves Away 

Though it may seem easy to avoid packages showing up, it isn’t always possible. Thankfully there are two great solutions: 

  1. Invest in a Parcel Box 

A smart parcel box solution like these from iLoveParcels is one of the best ways to continue to get mail while you are away. They essentially work like a lockbox that you can attach to your property, and they come in various sizes so that you can receive packages without any problem. As these boxes lock (you can give a key to your postal office), you don’t have to worry about porch pirates or about the weather. The reason why it’s such a great solution is that it’s so useful, even when you aren’t on vacation. Get a package when you are at the grocery store? No worries. Get something delivered to your home when you are at work? It will be safe at home until you get back. 

  1. Notify Your Postal Service 

The other option is to notify your postal service that will keep your deliveries at your local post office until you notify them. There is a time limit, of course, and it is typically 30 days. This way, you can have your deliveries and mail held for you until you get back without worry. However, it doesn’t apply for private or alternative delivery services, which is why it’s a great idea to use both solutions, so you never miss a package.