Finding fun family activities can be surprisingly difficult. Each member of your family has different tastes and preferences, so what might be incredibly fun for one child might be boring for the others. Or worst – what might be fun for them could be torturously boring for you! In addition, your family likely has a budget to stick to, so expensive daycations are assuredly out of the question.

It’s definitely a balancing act, so it can be helpful to weigh your options. Take everyone’s likes and dislikes into account, and make an informed decision that’s bound to make the whole family happy! Here are two options for your family to consider.

Visit Local Restarurants

One thing to consider is family-friendly restaurants. Whether they’re outdoor cafes, hibachi-style Asian restaurants or come with live music, it’s important to see what every restaurant in your area has to offer. Each food joint has its own theme, gimmicks, and, of course, menu, and tend to have more personality than chain restaurants. The best way to find local restaurants is to put in a simple search term in an engine like Google Maps, using terms such as “bbq near me” or “family restaurant near me”. Then you can easily compare the results before even leaving your home.

It’s also important to see what each restaurant offers in terms of safe and family-friendly entertainment. Some restaurants have outdoor seating with nice views, while others may offer private eating locations for each family. You should weigh the preferences and needs of your family to help you decide.

Drive-in Movie Theaters

Drive-ins are also a viable activity for the whole family. They allow the whole family to spend time together without having to go to a theater or pay for snacks. You’ll be able to bring your own food, talk with your family in peace during the movie, as well as easily leave as soon as the younger ones get sleepy. You can easily look up available movies and showtimes online to further help you plan your evening.

Drive-ins also typically have double-features of two different movies, ensuring that you and your family will be entertained the entire night. Some families also opt to bring lawn chairs or arrive in a van or pickup truck. This allows them to sit outside the car in chairs, open the van and fold down the rear seats, or sit in the bed of the truck. All allow your family alternative options that don’t leave them restricted to their car seats, while still keeping them distant from other families and cars.

Explore Nature

Exploring the great outdoors is a fun way to get the family outside and going on adventures, from camping to hiking to visiting a nature center. Most of these activities are low-cost or free. Not only do you get to check out trails and other places, there are so many benefits as your family gets to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, learn about the environment, and more. You can even come up with a bucket list of hikes or waterfalls you want to visit, like Watkins Glen State Park, which has 19 waterfalls! Be sure to pick hikes that fit your family’s comfort level, from short paths to long trails.

Though there are many other daily activities a family can partake in, local themed restaurants and drive-ins are two of the most convenient and reasonably-priced options family have. All it takes is a simple Google search to see what’s available in your area!