When we become a parent, our lives change dramatically. Not only do we have so many new responsibilities that we did not have before, but we also have to manage our health and wellbeing, and time these around our new responsibilities too. This means that sometimes, our health and wellbeing end up being put on the back burner which is never ideal.

It is important for all of us to keep our mental and physical health well looked after and when it comes down to being a mom with little ones who depend on you, you cannot pour from an empty cup. This is why taking care of your fitness and health is important.

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Here are some fun ideas and suggestions of what exercises moms can do with their babies!

Pram Jogging

While you will want to avoid looking like you have just taken off with someone else’s baby, running while pushing a pram is a great way to get your cardiovascular health in shape. The pram acts as resistance and it can also be extremely fun or relaxing for the baby too! In fact, this fitness trend has made such an impact on the mom community that you can now purchase strollers designed for that very reason!


Swimming is an excellent exercise which both mum and baby can do together. Not only is it a brilliant cardiovascular workout, but it is low impact and reduces stress on joints while giving your whole body a resistance workout. Babies also get similar benefits from swimming too! As it is a supportive exercise for their growing joints and helps to improve the strength of their heart.

Take a Dance Class

Dancing is something almost everyone can do, no matter your shape, size, or ability. It is all about letting go and having fun. That being said, the beauty with a dace class is that because it is so fun, it does not really feel like you are doing exercise. Dancing is also a great way to engage with your baby, helping them learn how to interact with music, use their body, and learn rhythm. For those with really small babies, you can even have them strapped to your chest while you dance, which makes for a great bonding experience (and an extra weight). For other exercise ideas that are more about the fun than exercise, head over to Moms into Fitness.

Pram Strolling

While similar to its sister ‘pram jogging’, pram strolling is the more chilled out, laid back social version. It is much easier to get like-minded mums together to have a stroll in the park with their children than it is to get anyone to run! Why not start your own club and find local moms to get fit with? Walking still has tremendous health benefits and can even be argued to be more beneficial in the long run than running. But it is also a great way to get in that adult social interaction too, which will help make the exercise fly by.