I always have a wreath hanging on my front door, and I enjoy having a variety of seasonal wreaths. Between Valentine’s Day and Easter, I like to have a spring-themed wreath. We actually had all of these supplies at home, which was my inspiration for this idea. You can usually find all of these supplies at the dollar store!

You will need:

12-14″ grapevine wreath
Artificial flowers
Ribbon or pre-made bow
Glue gun (or other strong glue) and wire

I was lucky to get a homemade grapevine wreath from a friend! However, you should be able to find a wreath for cheap at stores like the Dollar Store, JoAnn’s, Michael’s, and Walmart. I did a quick search online and a 12-14″ wreath runs about $4-5.

To make your wreath:

Decide which way you want to hang your wreath. You can put a metal loop on the back to hang it if desired.

We had a variety of artificial flowers at home. You can find inexpensive ones at places like Dollar Tree and craft stores. I had leftover flowers from a project we did, and had originally ordered on Amazon.

We simply cut pieces that we wanted to use and placed them on the wreath first (without glue). Most of these were wired, so we shaped the strands of flowers until they looked just right. Our flowers were on long pieces, but you could literally just glue individual flowers or buds to the wreath. I am not a huge fan of the turquoise color, but this project was done entirely with materials we already had.

Once the flowers were in just the right spot, we glued them in place with a hot glue gun. (I am sure you could find other glue that is strong enough if you prefer). My goal was to make them fullest at the bottom, and taper to the sides. Keep in mind you could certainly situate the flowers and bow in whatever way you like (e.g. flowers on one side and bow on the opposite side).

I purchased Buffalo plaid ribbon on Amazon and made a bow. You can make your own bow or purchase a premade one, or try learning to make one using tutorials. There are so many ribbons to choose from as far as design. I recommend a wired ribbon as it will hold up much better when you make a bow with it, especially if your wreath is going outdoors.

This ribbon was 1.58 Inch x 8.75 Yards, ample enough for one bow, if not a couple. You can certainly make this with 2.5″ ribbon to make a heartier bow.

I made this wreath with my 10-year-old, who worked on the flower portion of the project on her own. This was a very easy project and makes for a cute spring wreath!