Give your car the luxurious storage option it deserves. Whether you’re storing your summer convertible or sealing up a classic car restoration project, find out why you need a car bubble cover. Learn more about these covers, their benefits and how to install yours for a whole new level of automotive protection.

If you’re frustrated with mildew, mice or other issues related to car storage, a car bubble may be the solution you need. It starts with a durable, sealed PVC cover. 0.30mm clear PVC creates a contactless, transparent cover over your vehicle. Next, an energy-efficient, continuously filtered fan keeps the air moving and reduces the risk of mildew issues. A durable basement keeps your tires safe and prevents mildew as well.


Car bubbles come in a range of sizes, so be sure to shop for one that fits your particular vehicle. Review the length, width and height of your vehicle and select a cover with enough space to fit your vehicle comfortably. Review your garage or other chosen storage area to make sure your car bubble fits.

What Are the Benefits of Car Bubbles?

Some of the most damaging elements of car storage are prevented with a car bubble. Seasonal shifts change the temperature and moisture levels in your garage. Whether storing your car through the winter, summer or year round, a car bubble circulation fan prevents moisture issues from affecting your vehicle. Reduce the risk of condensation, dried-out leather or mildew growth with a quality car bubble.

Another common automotive storage issue is accidental impacts. Unless you have a dedicated storage garage, you’re probably parking and working around your stored vehicle. Oil spray, a dropped tool or other accidents can damage the beautiful body panels or exposed internal elements of a classic car restoration project. A durable PVC bubble prevents all of these stressful, expensive accidents. Simply use a California duster for cars, give your car a good wash and wax then follow the installation instructions to seal it in for the season or year.

How To Install Your Car Bubble

To use, find a clear space to set up your car bubble. It takes approximately one additional foot on both sides of your vehicle, so you may need to clear additional space in your garage. Set the base where you wish to store your vehicle.

Thoroughly clean your vehicle for best use. Storing a dirty vehicle may fade or damage the paint. Carefully park your vehicle in the middle of the base mat. Once parked, connect the upper shroud and plug in the fan unit. Wait for the bubble to completely inflate. The fan should be placed upright and in an area with plenty of air circulation. Follow the owner’s manual for the recommended cleaning schedule for the washable charcoal filter.

Whether you invest in a durable car bubble or a sealed car cover, you can enjoy rodent-free protection for short- or long-term car storage. A car bubble represents the pinnacle of automotive storage and protection, so invest in a cover that fits the quality of your vehicle. Don’t let seasonal temperature changes or accidental impacts damage your beautiful ride, but enjoy worry-free storage with quality products purchased online.