A baby shower is a truly joyful event.  If you have the pleasure of being in charge of the planning process, then you’re in for a treat.  It’s incredibly fun to be a part of creating this wonderful occasion.  It’s an opportunity to shower your loved one with attention and love and prepare them for the adventure of their lives: Motherhood! 

Before you start your planning process, follow these tips for the best shower ever.

Baby Shower

Have Fun With The Decorations

A lot of people feel limited to traditional decorations for their baby shower.  While plenty of people appreciate traditional decor, you don’t have to feel pressured to do things a way that everyone else has already done.  

Have fun with decorating your way.  Whether you want flowers everywhere, or maybe a baseball theme, the most important is creating a wonderful atmosphere that exudes joy.

Pamper Mama 

Chances are that your mother to be is starting to feel extra uncomfortable as her due date approaches.  Make sure that you look out for her comfort by adding an extra cushion on her seat or a place to put her feet up.  Going the extra mile makes a huge difference in how fondly she remembers the event!

Provide a Diverse Menu

When hosting any kind of party, you should always keep your menu as diverse as possible.  You never know who will have dietary restrictions or other reasons for not eating certain foods.  Most importantly, you should think about your mother to be.  In other words, it’s not suggested to have a sushi platter that the soon to be mommy can’t eat.

Plan Activities With Mama Ahead of Time

Not everyone is wild about baby shower games.  It’s important to make sure that you choose the right ones by planning ahead with the mother to be.  Ask her what kind of preferences she has and how she’d like the mood to be.  Some people may want something very simple and relaxed, while others may prefer something fast-paced and exciting.   You’re better off thinking about it ahead of time so that your loved one feels comfortable. If you have special arrangements for the event (already approved by mama), make sure to specify in the baby shower invites if the guests need to dress up according to the theme or bring something for the party. Give them a heads-up early on, so things go according to plan.

Put Someone In Charge of Photos 

Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to capture every moment.  It’s best to delegate photo taking to someone else so that you are able to enjoy the party.  Having to host as well as take photos can easily become overwhelming.  Cut yourself some slack and get someone else to take the photos.

Ideally, you should hire a professional.  Chances are everyone will do their part, contributing to candid photos on social media; however, a professional photographer will surely take photos that are more than just memorable but downright frameable.