Carpet is a common flooring option for most homes because it makes living rooms look spectacular. However, over time the wow factor begins to fade. To keep this from happening, you should clean them regularly and keep them free from dust, stains, and dirt to extend their lifespan and make them look like new.

If you’re wondering how to maintain your carpets, keep reading to learn more about 3 ways to revitalize old carpets.

3 Ways to Revitalize Old Carpets

Carpets, like all things around a home, tend to get dirty with time. However, if you neglect cleaning them and allow the dirt to accumulate, it can make your carpet look dingy or damage it permanently. Try out these incredible maintenance tips to keep your floor looking new and clean.

Clean Stains Immediately

It’s crucial that you treat stains right after they occur. If you keep postponing cleaning them, they might cause more damage to your carpet. You may also find it difficult to eliminate them later on. To remove most stains, use your preferred detergent and a clean, white rag to blot it out. Avoid rubbing it. 

Blotting with a clean cloth prevents the spill from setting in because it puts little pressure on the stain, allowing it to soak up. However, make sure you blot the spill from the outer rim of the stain so that it doesn’t spread to other areas. We do not recommend using colored rags as they can transfer color to your carpet and create a bigger mess. 

It’s also important to identify the type of stain you’re dealing with so that you pick a cleaner that’s suitable for your carpet. For instance, you can use club soda with a clean rag to remove accidental tea or coffee spills and reclaim the beauty of your carpet.

Vacuum Regularly

This is the most effective way to clean your carpeted floor. Make it a habit to vacuum the carpet twice a week since carpet can trap debris such as cockroach allergens, insect feces, pet urine or hair, dust mites, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other pollutants. 

Unfortunately, if you fail to deal with these toxins in time, they can impact your health. For high-trafficked areas, go over them 7-10 times, while vacuuming in different directions to get rid of the accumulated dirt. However, if you have carpeted stairs or pets, use the right vacuum that meets your diverse needs and does the job perfectly. 

Also, remember to inspect your vacuum bag because the vacuum can lose suction if the bag is full. You should also clean regularly or change the air filters after 3 months to prevent them from using more power or working extra hard. 

Avoid Using Harmful Cleaners

Stay away from chemicals if possible. You can normally clean your carpets without them. Strong, harmful chemicals can endanger your kid’s and pets’ lives. Instead, try using your own cleaning solutions with baking soda

Mix it with your favorite essential oil and sprinkle the mixture over your carpeted floor. Leave the mixture on your carpet for 15 minutes before cleaning it. This simple mixture will make your rooms smell nice and your carpet looking newer. What’s more, it doesn’t take much time to mix the two ingredients.

How to Care for Your Clean Carpet

It’s possible to prevent dirt from accumulating on your clean carpeted floor using the following ways:

  • Regularly shift or remove furniture from your living room to check for debris that might have piled up.
  • Use paper towels or clean cloth, water, and vinegar to pretreat spills.
  • Use a cloth to blot up fresh grease before cleaning it up.
  • Clean your carpet thoroughly to get rid of dust and loose dirt.


There are several ways you can use to revamp your older carpets. Preventing carpet spills, vacuuming, and avoiding harsh cleaners are some excellent ways you can explore to maintain your carpet for an extended period.