All good things come in small packages they say. It seems to be very true in the case of gut microbes. Clinical studies show that people who have a diverse range of microorganisms in their gut show signs of overall good physical and mental health. A microbiome diversity, which simply means different strains of microbes, make available a diverse range of nutrients.

A diverse microbiome is created by the collective functioning of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics. Prebiotics feed the probiotic bacteria. Probiotic bacteria in our bodies nourish on the fibrous food to secrete a wide range of metabolites called postbiotics. Postbiotics are currently trending among health buffs. Postbiotics are composed of several vitamins and nutrients that nourish each and every organ of our body. Some of the important metabolites found in postbiotics include – Enzymes, vitamins, Immune-signaling compounds, Neurotransmitters, Amino acids, organic acids, short-chain fatty acids, and nitric oxide. 


Postbiotics play an important role in regulating our bodily functions. Apart from ensuring proper digestion, they are also responsible for promoting detoxification, absorption of nutrients, regulation of the immune system, and maintaining a balance in the gut-brain communication axis. 

Why do postbiotics play a major role in our overall health?

Postbiotics, as mentioned above offer a plethora of benefits. Here some of them: 

1. It is a great alternative to live microorganisms – Postbiotics are also used as an alternative for those who cannot take probiotics due to certain conditions. Pediatric patients and those with a weak immune system are not tolerant of probiotics. In such situations, postbiotics are administered for improving gut health. 

2. For diabetes and pre-diabetes states – Studies at the MacMaster University in Canada show that postbiotics play a major role in bringing down blood sugar levels in obese and diabetic individuals. 

3. Inflammatory diseases – Most of the illnesses are a side-effect of inflammation in the gut. Studies reveal that certain types of probiotic bacteria release certain postbiotic metabolites that specifically target reducing inflammation by suppressing the immune response. Hence postbiotics are great for those suffering from conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, leaky gut, intestine bacterial overgrowth, and dysbiosis. 

Postbiotics have shown to work on treating other conditions such as: 

– Joint pain caused by inflammation

– Skin conditions such as acne and dermatitis

– Eye problems such as allergic conjunctivitis

Effects of Postbiotics on Your Skin:

– It strengthens the skin’s surface and protects it from environmental threats

– Keeps the skin hydrated for longer periods

– Prevents conditions such as acne. Eases skin conditions such as reddened skin

– Prevents tightness and itchiness of skin caused due to dryness

– Maintains the pH balance of your skin 

– Prevents unevenness and blemishes

Postbiotics as skincare agents

Probiotics and their derivatives which are postbiotics are incorporated in skincare lotions. These biotics break down on the surface of the skin to create metabolites that improve skin health. Products such as peptides, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid released by the postbiotics enhance the quality of the skin by reducing wrinkles, enhancing hydration, and making the skin more radiant and glowy. 

What do scientists have to say about biotic supplements?

Scientists agree that all three biotics are equally responsible for growing a diverse microbiome in our intestinal tract. Most of us take probiotic supplements, which are available on the SANE website. But researchers say that along with taking supplements it is equally important to eat fibrous food. Without fibers, probiotics won’t last long. They too need nourishment. If you look at the longest-living populations of the world, one common habit amongst them would be their plant-based meals. Doctors say that we must incorporate different varieties of plant-based foods to get the maximum benefits out of probiotic supplements. This is because each type of bacteria thrives on a specific kind of fiber.

What do we think?

Gut health is imperative for a long and healthy life. What we eat therefore determines the quality of our lives. Biotics are what creates a balanced and beautiful microbial community in our gut. But postbiotics have been found to offer more benefits.

Postbiotics are natural. They are secreted by live bacteria during the fermentation process. It has gathered attention from the health industry due to the innumerable benefits it offers to you. It is a very basic compound with a simple chemical structure. It has a long shelf life and is beneficial for all inflammatory conditions. In the coming years, we do not doubt that we will be hearing more about the positive impacts of postbiotics on our body.