The end of the year is approaching quickly. Some would say that’s a very good thing! So, it’s time to plan that amazing party and we have some unique New Year’s themes to share with you.

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Top NYE Ideas

Whatever your circumstances though, there is always social pressure on you to either attend a NYE party or even throw one – if you’re allowed to during this strange year!

Casino themes, disco ideas and even taking your guests back in time are all good ways to see the year off, so if you want to welcome the next year in style then here are some creative New Year’s Eve ideas.

Casino Theme

There are a number of New Year’s Eve casino party ideas, including setting up your own tables, dealing the cards, dressing in a tux and taking it back old school with Casumo Casino being a good place to start.

You can sit your buds around a poker table and play dealer, set up a roulette wheel and even offer a form of bingo for those who like a real game of chance.

But frankly, you don’t need to do that for yourself these days. Everyonr has access to so many wonderful online casinos, featuring live dealers around which you can set your own atmosphere. Let the croupiers on the TV or laptop do the work, and allow your guests to have a bet in a very modern way.

Have a Disco

If dancing is more your vibe than gambling, then designing a great disco room is one of the best New Year’s Eve party themes.

Put together a funky 70’s playlist, give your guests a dress code that would make them look like extra’s from Saturday Night Fever, and put up a shiny disco ball to complete the look! Just be aware; if you’re attending rather than hosting and it goes on all night long, you will look pretty strange making your way home the next morning!

The Roaring 20’s Theme

We’re going even older than old-school here. From one Roaring Twenties to another! We’ve seen 100 years of fashion changes since this brilliant decade, but it could be time to celebrate it all over again and NYE is the perfect excuse.

Get the flapper attire out, put the jazz music on and design a whole Gatsby-esque feel to your amazing last night party.

Glitter Party Theme

Do you have a great vacuum cleaner? Do you not care what mess you create? Well, the glitter party theme could be right down your alley.

At some of the classier NYE bashes out there, there will be an abundance of sequins, sparkle and glitter anyway, so why not embrace it?

Get your party guests to wear their shiniest, most sparkly outfits, provide all the glitter they want to decorate their skin and throw around, and don’t forget the party-poppers, streamers and glitter balloons either. It’s messy, but worth it!


Whatever you choose to do this New Year’s Eve, do it safely, look after yourself, and have a great time!