For many people the idea of women’s bicycles is limited to the fact that – these are models equipped with a ladies’ frame. This knowledge about the technical specifics of bikes ends. But the design features that distinguish women’s models from male versions are much more. They are important to know in order to choose a bike that will best suit the individual characteristics of the cyclist.

Models of such bikes are created with an orientation to the specifics of the female body. Bike designers take into account such important anatomical features as leg length, average height, width of pelvic bones, the nature of weight distribution, and other parameters. All this ensures a comfortable fit and riding comfort.

Women’s frame and its features

The specifics of the structure of the frame of a ladies’ bicycle depends on its type and purpose. The classic design of an open understated frame, with which women’s models are traditionally associated, is the prerogative of city bikes. The upper tube in these bikes or maximum underslung, going almost parallel to the bottom or removed altogether. Convenience in this case is to the detriment of the strength characteristics, because of which these bikes are not designed for aggressive riding.

The correct height of the bike is selected so that in the standing position the distance from the groin to the upper tube is about 5 cm. When choosing a bike, it is recommended to give preference to variants equipped with an aluminum frame. On average, such models are 25-30% lighter than their iron counterparts, which makes them more practical in everyday use.

Steering and pedaling

Nature arranged it so that women’s shoulders are significantly narrower than men’s. This feature has influenced the design of the steering wheel, which is made not so wide. On the one hand, this slightly worsens the handling of the bike, but also makes it more comfortable to sit. In bikes designed for extreme disciplines, the handlebar length in men’s and women’s models is usually the same.

On the subject of women’s seats

When riding a bike, a major percentage of the load is redistributed to the sciatic bone protrusions. When riding a bike, it is important to keep the sciatic tuberosities on the seat. The structure of the female body is such that the distance between these anatomical protrusions is on average 35-45mm wider. This feature is reflected in the design specifics of ladies’ saddles: they are wider and at the same time shorter. 

Buying these accessories it is important to remember that the seats selected without taking into account the anatomical features of the rider can cause not only numbness and painful discomfort after long rides, but also cause some damage to health. 

Protective accessories

Bicycles for girls are often equipped with protection of the bicycle chain – a special iron cover that prevents clothes from getting into the mechanisms of the bike and protects them from contamination by grease. Such elements are attribute primarily to city bikes, whose design allows them to ride in the dress. Functional additions for ladies bikes are often racks, baskets, seats for the child

Seat for a child on a bicycle – a very useful and necessary thing for families who have young children. Baby bicycle seat for a child is very convenient for the child and for his parent. Such a seat will allow not only to go on bike rides together, but also to overcome the long distances.

Buying a seat for the child on a bicycle, you can take with you on a walk or a small bicycle trip of his child. When riding a bicycle, it is very important that your child is comfortable. Choosing a safe bicycle seat does not guarantee a successful ride, especially if it is a long one.

So, choose a seat that the baby is not pressed anywhere, not rubbed, was not rigid. And if you want your child to enjoy riding, choose a family-e-bike.

Then the baby will be fascinated by looking at the environment, and the journey in a comfortable seat will not be tedious.

Today, a bike seat is a reliable way to transport children on a bicycle.