You can now enjoy vaping with geekvape aegis boost pro as it is safer than smoking with no noxious odor. One can replace it with smoking for the sake of a healthy lifestyle as there is no combustion and trash associated with geekvape aegis boost pro. You can use geekvape aegis in public places too as it is smoke-free. Moreover, there are different flavors with a pleasant aroma. You can do vaping with the various geekvape aegis series. The Geekvape aegis boost pro is composed of 1.3ml of salt nicotine e-liquid with a nicotine level of 50mg. It comes in a package of a single disposable unit as it can be disposed of once the cycle of 300 puffs is completed. The geekvape is simple allowing the user to have an irritation-free experience. When comparing vapes, check out online shops such as the Great Vape Store.

Following are some features of geekvape which enhance the ease for the users.   

Lightweight and Portable

The geekvape aegis boost pro is lightweight and small with the dimensions of 94mm x 15mm x 6mm. It occupies a total capacity of 1.3 ml of salt nicotine. You can easily carry a vape anywhere in your pocket. The geekvape aegis boost pro can serve as your mind fresher in outings, parties, and other places. You can use the vape anywhere you like to. 

Draw activated battery

The geekvape contains a 280mAh draw-activated battery. You don’t need to press any button to inhale rather the battery will automatically react to your breath once you draw on your atomizer. The high battery of 280mAh allows longer use for the ease of users. You can take the geekvape aegis boost pro for long time use as it has the best quality of battery built in it. 

Puffs and disposable pod

You can maximum take 300 puffs at a time and can dispose of it. The disposable geekvape aegis boost pro allows easy handling for the users. As it is a disposable vape, it does not require charging. You can use the vape and dispose of it once it is used.   

Anti-leak design

The anti-leak design of the geekvape aegis boost pro inhibits the salt nicotine and its flavor to move out from the vape into the environment. The flavor remains inside the vape as long as it is inhaled into the mouth. Your flavor and nicotine won’t be wasted and leaked out.

Variety of flavors

The geekvape aegis boost pro provides nineteen pre-filled flavors to choose from your choices. The flavors include strawberry ice, cool melon, lychee soda, lychee ice, cola ice, tropical mix, blue razz, guava ice, grape soda, lush ice, pineapple soda, orange soda, strawberry banana, icy mint, lemon mint, frozen mango, peach ice, frozen banana, and Russian cream. All of the flavors have different pleasant odors.

You will love the geekvape aegis boost pro and will recommend it to your peers too. The quality of the geekvape is guaranteed. Vape sourcing is the best online vape store you will find and they provide different geekvape aegis series.