I can definitely say I am one of those people who is often cold!  Unfortunately, I also live somewhere that has very cold winters!  I spend much of the year bundled up and trying to stay warm.  I have some friends who can relate, so I know I’m not the only one out there.  I’ve put together a list of things that make winter months a little more bearable!

Winter Snow

An electric blanket

An electric blanket is a great way to get warmed up.  When I come home from work, or first thing in the morning, I can usually use some help getting warmed up.  At night, it is so cold getting under the covers.  There are so many great uses for electric blankets!

Hand-warming mug

I love warming up with a cozy cup of tea, and there are some beautiful hand-warming mugs out there.

Microwave warmer

I make my own rice warmers, which I can pop in the microwave, and I use mine just about every day in the winter to warm up.  I prefer it over a heating pad and I can heat it up before bed at night.

Warm drinks

It probably goes hand in hand, but I love hot drinks, like coffee, tea, and chai.  So if you know someone who loves warming up to a warm drink, see if you can find out their favorite kind of coffee or other drink.  Perhaps some gourmet hot cocoa or a specialty tea.

Warm accessories

Someone who feels chilly a lot may have a good collection of scarves, gloves, cozy socks, etc., so I recommend this idea only if you know the person can use something warm.

A heated jacket or hand warmers

In this age of technology, you can find electronics jackets and hand warmers that heat up in no time and keep you warm.  For someone who can’t bear to be outside in the cold for too long, these devices are a lifesaver!