Cleaning your home sounds like a drag, especially during COVID-19. You probably have a bunch of other things that you’d prefer to do over cleaning, and with a lot of us working at home, it’s even harder. Of course, “spring cleaning” isn’t the only time of year that you should clean as well. Having a consistently clean house is the best way to keep it looking nice and reduce stress. 

Even just a little bit of cleaning can reduce stress. Whether you decide to clean your whole house or just vacuum is completely up to you, but even just a little bit of cleaning makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Plus, when your home is clean, you have less to worry about and stress over!

The key is to keep up with cleaning, so that you aren’t overwhelmed by messes. Everyone has different strategies when it comes to cleaning.  Try some varying approaches to see what works for you.  Some people make sure the kitchen is always clean at night with nothing in the sink, so that you don’t wake up to dirty dishes.  Others focus on always making the bed.  Your strategy should be a combination of what you want to focus on keeping clean, and also what helps to reduce your stress.

Here are some great reasons why cleaning reduces stress!

A clean home means less pests

Nobody wants pests in their house. Finding insects or other pests is certainly alarming and stressful, and may require drastic action and can cost a lot if you need a professional to come in to handle the situation.

Wash the dishes, take out the trash, mop and vacuum the floors. Vacuuming is important for this; it will get the dirt (like crumbs) right off all of your rugs and floors. Make your life even easier with a robotic vacuum – you won’t even have to remember to vacuum!  This Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum review is super helpful.

It prevents safety hazards

If your house is cluttered and messy, it can present safety hazards. The good thing is that with a little bit of cleaning you can fix this! Picking things up off of the floor, cleaning tables, pushing in chairs, and moving furniture back into place will help prevent safety hazards.

Things will be more organized

After getting rid of dirt, stains, dust, and the like, you’ll want to organize your house in order to make it even cleaner. Making a special space for everything and keeping things in bins or on shelves is easier than you think, and it clears up clutter very well. It also helps you clean more efficiently too, as you know exactly where to put everything!  How stressful is it when you can’t find things?  We can all relate to the panic of losing our keys, phone, or other essentials. Having good organizational skills is a great way to reduce stress.

It’s good hygiene

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but a little bit of scrubbing and vacuuming goes a long way. By cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where germs are all over, you’ll be promoting good hygiene and keeping everyone safe. This takes on a whole new meaning during pandemic times as well. By wiping down your most trafficked surfaces like handles and doorknobs, you can have better peace of mind about keeping your family safer from germs like flu and Coronavirus.

It teaches children good life skills

If you have kids, it is important to set a good example and to also involve them in your cleaning routines.  Family members should share responsibilities in cleaning, which means less stress for everyone in the household.  Additionally, children will learn good life skills that they will take with them when they grow up.

There are countless reasons why you should clean your home, but these were just a few. In addition to these tips, it is good to make sure that you have the right cleaning tools to help facilitate your cleaning. Take a look at Web Treasure Hunter for some information on good cleaning products to invest in, such as vacuums and air purifiers.

Hope these helped motivate you to start cleaning!