More than ever before, kids are not spending enough time within nature, especially if they live in towns and cities, which can have a negative impact on their mental and physical health and outlook. To make sure that they have an understanding and are passionate about the natural environment as they grow older, here are some tips for reconnecting them with their roots. 

  1. Install a Pond in Your Garden 

If you are lucky enough to have a garden for your children to play in, you should ensure that this wonderful feature of your home does not go to waste. One of the best features to install into your home for your children is a pond, as this can help to bring nature and wildlife to them. For instance, you could invest in koi carp and fish for your pond or leave it to be taken over by wild animals, such as newts, frogs, and pond-skaters. This can help your kids to see nature take place right before their eyes, and, at, they offer a selection of filters that can help to keep your pond wildlife healthy for years to come. 

  1. Build Bug Hotels and Bird Houses with Them

One of the best ways to get your kids stuck into nature is to combine it with arts and crafts. If your kids love to get messy with paint and wood, you should consider building a bug hotel or birdhouse with them. Not only can these cultivate nature and help your local wildlife to find spaces to thrive with their young ones, but it can also help your kids to actively get involved and pay an interest in the workings of the outside world. 

  1. Go for Walks and Wildlife Spotting Expeditions  

You do not have to stick to the confines of your garden to help your kids to reconnect with nature, though. You should also consider taking them for nature walks where they can experience the natural environment on your doorstep, climb trees, and jump through puddles and leaves. To make these trips engaging, you should consider turning them into wildlife spotting or bug-catching expeditions that can help your kids to learn about nature without realising it. 

  1. Teach Kids About Nature

If your kids are not outdoorsy, this does not mean that they cannot learn about nature, though. Instead, you can visit your local library or buy them a selection of books about nature and the environment. These can be both fiction and non-fiction, and can help them to learn quick and fun facts about the outdoors. There are also many digital resources that can teach your kids in an engaging and playful manner. 

  1. Help Them to Grow Plants 

There is nothing more educational, though than helping your kids to grow plants themselves. Although your kids may lose interest if your plants do not quickly spring up out of the soil, there are many fast-growing flowers and plants, such as cress, for them to try. You should even consider allowing them to grow vegetables, like pumpkins and spinach, as this can teach your kids the food cycle, and they can even be taught to make delicious dishes with their produce.